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Mini banana cake with chocolate cream

Absolutely delicious this mini banana cake is a real treat. The cake is soft even if quite thick. Its distinct banana flavor blends with delicate salty aftertaste that goes perfectly with the dark chocolate cream. The cream is velvety and soft. It is a modified version of the traditional chocolate ganache. Adding some gelatine and […]


Double chocolate cream dessert

This super simple to prepare double chocolate mousse dessert is easy, quick and delicious. It combines two amazing creams that have different textures. The first one is dense and velvety while the other one is light as a feather and it melts in your mouth. Garnished with some crunchy crumbled cookies and fresh or frozen […]

World of coffee

Espresso coffee panna cotta

Espresso coffee panna cotta is an Italian dessert that does not need big introductions. Panna cotta is a true classic among Italian desserts. This rich and creamy version is enriched by a delicious coffee jelly with a strong and bold flavor that goes perfectly with the sweetness of the panna cotta. Instructions for coffee jelly […]


Banana quinoa smoothie with cinnamon and honey

Delicious, healthy, rich, frothy and light banana, cinnamon, honey and quinoa smoothie. Perfect for breakfast or as a healthy and light drink. This mix of quinoa and cinnamon crates a delicate aftertaste, in my opinion similar to hazelnut. Instructions banana quinoa smoothie For this recipe I used white quinoa made by Bartolini. Rinse quinoa under […]


Creamy gianduia chocolate tart with orange gelee

This tart with the velvety filling with gianduia chocolate and the surprising freshness of orange gelee is just amazing. These rich and fragrant winter flavors blend perfectly together and create a delicious tart, perfect for festive occasions or simply to be enjoyed with a cup of hot tea and a good book in your hands. […]

World of coffee

Cuban coffee and my Havana experience

Welcome to the World of Coffee section and to the post dedicated to Cuban coffee and to my experience in Havana. This time I would like to share with you a post that is slightly different from my usual recipes. It’s a brief story of my trip to Cuba, which took place in November 2017. […]

buns and rolls

Savory rolls stuffed with Italian eggplant caponata

Unfortunately, the photo does not show how delicious these savory rolls are. The dough is soft and delicate and it is perfect stuffed with a rich filling like eggplant caponata. The recipe for Italian caponata was given to me by a dear friend from La mia pasticceria moderna. I changed a little the original Sicilian […]


Giant cinnamon cookie stuffed with homemade caramel candy

  What can I say about this Christmas cinnamon cookie in addition to the fact that it is absolutely delicious? 😀 Friable for the first few days this amamzing honey cookie becomes softer at room temperature, especially if you keep it in a box with a sliced apple. Moreover this delicious giant cookie has a […]


Honey and butter cake with fluffy polenta cream

A perfect cake for any occasion. Nice to look at and easy to cut. Thin layers of honey cake overlaid with a fluffy, cooked in milk polenta mixed with a amazing Lurpak butter and lemon juice*. Delicate and particular flavor. The cake can be prepared two days before as the layers in this period of […]


Pumpkin Tres Leches cake

This Mexican cake is made of a delicious and soft spinge cake soaked in the mix of three types of milk and garnished with whipped cream. My version adds pumpkin puree into the dough which makes it even more moist and tasty while the classic milk is replaced with coconut milk that along with the […]