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Mascarpone, condensed milk and strawberry dessert

If you are looking for a different dessert from the usual whipped cream and strawberries, this dessert with mascapone, condensed milk and strawberry cream is perfect for you. A mix of fresh spring fruit together with a delicate, sweet and velvety “camy” cream with condensed milk and mascarpone cheese. It is a dessert similar to […]

Savory cakes

Savory tart with potatoes, leeks and goat cheese

Savory tart with potatoes, leeks and goat cheese is an easy recipe to prepare as an appetizer or a tasty lunch. To prepare it you can use homemade savory shortcrust pastry or pasta matta or you can use a store bought one. It is a rich and nutritious rustic dish. The combination of leeks and […]


Chocolate bars with puffed rice, almonds and peanut butter

If you are looking for a rich and healthy snack, these homemade chocolate bars with puffed rice and peanut butter are just for you. They are delicious thanks to the use of dark chocolate, peanut butter and tahini (sesame cream optional in use) but equally crunchy and healthy thanks to the almonds, pieces of peanuts, […]


Soft and delicate chocolate duvet cake

This chocolate duvet cake is soft and delicate. It is a cake known by various names such as duvet cake, pillow cake or quilt cheesecake. Its flavor is a mix between an oven-baked cheesecake placed on a soft base similar to sponge cake. To prepare it you need a few ingredients which you surely have […]


Soft and tart lemon and poppy seed cake

This lemon and poppy seed cake is delicious thanks to the fact that it remains soft, sweet but at the same time super fragrant and tart. It’s a simple lemon bundt cake but with the characteristic flavor and crunchiness of poppy seeds. Try it either in a heart shape or a classic round shape and […]


Belgian endive salad with orange dressing

This crispy mixed salad with raw Belgian endive and delicious orange dressing is a light vegetable side dish that you can enjoy at the end of winter and the beginning of spring. It is a mix of vegetables and fruit together with a delicious and fresh sauce prepared with freshly squeezed orange juice, honey, mustard […]


Creamy cold cheesecake with cream cheese and kinder chocolate

This cold cheesecake with kinder chocolate is creamy and delicious. It’s base is full of puffed rice mixed with melted chocolate. Decorated with pieces of Kinder chocolate, it is as delicious as it is simple to prepare. The used cream cheese that adds that particular flavor that goes perfectly with milk chocolate. It is perfect […]

savory crepes

Spicy and crispy potato pancakes

These quick and easy potato pancakes are not only crispy but also slightly spicy. The potatoes are grated and then mixed with a few ingredients such as fresh chili peppers, garlic and some onion. Together with potato starch they are cooked like a thin pancake decorated with sesame seeds and more chilli flakes. These pancakes […]


Soft chocolate and peanut butter cake

If you are looking for a soft cake but at the same time with an intense chocolate and peanut butter flavour, this is a cake for you. The base of this cake is my tried and tested boiling water cake, which is not only butter-free but it maintains a strong chocolate flavor while remaining soft […]


Lemon and poppy seeds phyllo crinkle cake

You don’t have to be a professional pastry chef to make this extraordinary and very easy phyllo and lemon cream cake also known as Crinkle Cake. It’s a simple dessert made with store-bought phyllo dough covered in sweet batter with lemon juice and zest, condensed milk and poppy seeds. The batter is prepared with very […]

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