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Basic recipes

Mascarpone and Nesquik frosting for birthday cakes

This mascarpone and Nesquik frosting is perfect for decorating birthday cakes and cupcakes. It is a quick and easy cream to be used with a piping bag to make decorations for sponge cake, cream tart, various types of sweets and treats. This mascarpone cheese and cocoa cream is really prepared in 5 minutes and with […]

Basic recipes

Best cinnamon roll icing

Have you ever wondered how to make the best, delicious, sweet and sticky icing found on cinnamon roll or American cakes? To prepare the traditional and soft cinnamon you need to cover them with a delicious icing prepared with the cream cheese for example Philadelphia cream cheese. Its flavor is sweet but at the same […]

Basic recipes

Chocolate Molly cake – whipped cream soft cake

Since you really like the classic vanilla version of Molly cake, I decided to prepare this whipped cream soft cake base in a chocolate version. For all those who do not know this cake, it is a very soft base, a sort of sponge cake, with whipped cream in the batter. The idea comes from […]


Fresh strawberry milk

Fresh strawberry milk is a simple, delicious and refreshing beverage that that I used to drink in my childhood. In Poland you can get strawberries later than in Italy but when they finally arrive the weather is warmer and the strawberries very sweet and juicy. As a child, I couldn’t wait to sip this delicious […]


Roasted potatoes and mushrooms with soy sauce

These roasted potatoes and mushrooms with soy sauce are an easy, quick and flavourful side dish. Perfect to be prepared in all seasons as a hot and also cold side dish. You can use all types of mushrooms: champignons, pleurotus, porcini and so on. I used champignons but the choice is yours. This side dish […]


Sticky and tart lemon bars

If you are looking for a recipe for a simple but super delicious dessert, I think these sticky and tart lemon bars are perfect for you. The recipe is super easy, with few ingredients and it is perfect when you need a great effect dessert that has a strong lemon flavour. This dessert consists of […]


Strawberry and banana overnight oats

This strawberry and banana overnight oats is a great way to have a hot breakfast or prepare a light dinner. The porridge can be cooked together with cow’s milk or with the plant-based alternative. In the diet version it is possible to use water and mix it with yogurt after cooking. In addition, this oatmeal […]


Creamy homamade vanilla pudding

This homemade vanilla creamy pudding recipe is perfect for those who prefer not to use store bought pudding. A few steps and you can prepare a simple, rich, creamy and delicious pudding. Don’t let the idea of ​​making your dessert from scratch scare you. This vanilla pudding recipe is easier than you think. When I […]


Easy vegetarian potato cutlets

These easy vegetarian potato cutlets stuffed with mushrooms and spinach are a simple and delicious side dish. With a few simple ingredients you can make these cutlets cooked in a frying pan. Ready in a short time, they can become a side dish or even a main dish ideal for the whole family. The filling […]


Marlenka – honey and caramel cake

Some recipes take more time and effort to prepare but guarantee a fabulous result and I assure you that this honey cake with caramel and vanilla cream is just like that. It is called Marlenka and is of Armenian origin but over the years it has had several names including my favorite “a man’s kiss” […]