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finger food

Zucchini rolls with smoked salmon

Zucchini rolls with smoked salmon and cream cheese is a cold appetizer that is not only super easy but also quick to prepare, fresh and light. You can make them in no time and serve together with a cheese platter, bread sticks and other tasty finger food. The combination of spreadable cheese together with smoked […]


Crunchy mixed salad with yogurt, mustard and honey dressing

This mixed salad is super crunchy and delicious thanks to the yogurt, mustard and honey dressing. It is a yummy side dish full of fresh vegetables. Crispy veggies such as radishes and carrots are mixed with chopped broccoli and peanuts which, together with the sauce, create an excellent side dish for meat and fish but […]


Vegetables and hummus platter

Raw vegetables and chickpea hummus platter is a crunchy and fresh vegetarian appetizer (or side dish). The combination of chickpea spread and radishes, cucumbers and tomatoes is simply delicious and can be the centerpiece during an appetizer with friends or relatives. This board is easily customized by using seasonal vegetables along with preserves like sun-dried […]


Dark chocolate yogurt muffins

Today’s recipe is for dark chocolate yogurt muffins full of chocolate pieces. You can prepare them with your children and then put them in the oven and watch them rise and while your kitchen fills with a sweet scent. They are dense but soft, very fragrant and rich in pieces of dark or milk chocolate. […]

Basic recipes

Vanilla mousse cream

This vanilla mousse cream is soft and delicate, not too sweet and with a distinct milky scent and aftertaste. It is velvety and simple to make. You can use it to fill or decorate pies, cupcakes and choux pastry or to make small desserts. Absolutely try it with crumbled cookies and fresh seasonal fruit such […]


Strawberry, raspberry and lemon layer cake

This lemon, strawberry and raspberry cake is a filled and decorated layered cake for lovers of fresh and tart but sweet flavor. The cake part is made of an oyoghurt cake with pieces of strawberries in the batter. It is soft but at the same time compact, rich and fragrant. The cream, on the other […]

Basic recipes

Nutella and mascarpone frosting for cakes and cupcakes

This Nutella and mascarpone frosting is perfect for filling and decorating chocolate birthday cakes, pies and cupcakes. It is a very simple and quick cream to prepare as it can be prepared in just 5 minutes and with only 3 ingredients. It is soft and delicate thanks to the use of whipped cream and without […]


Spring potato and asparagus salad

Asparagus and potato salad topped with lemon and honey dressing is a delicious and simple spring side dish. A light salad that combines the freshness of arugula, baby spinach and asparagus with the crunchiness of walnuts (or almonds) and the yumminess of potatoes. You need few ingredients to prepare it but it guarantees a healthy […]


Green onion vinaigrette with lemon and honey

This vinaigrette with lemon, honey and the green part of spring onions (or plain onions) is incredibly easy to make and super delicious! Its flavor is a mix of sour, sweet and slightly spicy, I would say almost sparkling thanks to the fresh aftertaste of the spring onion. It is a perfect sauce for dressing […]

dry pasta

Pasta with cod ragout – healthy and light

Pasta with cod ragout is an easy, healthy and light first course pasta with fish. It is a dish rich in flavors and aromas and at the same time very nutritious. You can prepare this simple fish sauce using both fresh or frozen cod and combine it with long pasta such as spaghetti or linguine […]

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