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savory crepes

Spicy and crispy potato pancakes

These quick and easy potato pancakes are not only crispy but also slightly spicy. The potatoes are grated and then mixed with a few ingredients such as fresh chili peppers, garlic and some onion. Together with potato starch they are cooked like a thin pancake decorated with sesame seeds and more chilli flakes. These pancakes […]


Soft chocolate and peanut butter cake

If you are looking for a soft cake but at the same time with an intense chocolate and peanut butter flavour, this is a cake for you. The base of this cake is my tried and tested boiling water cake, which is not only butter-free but it maintains a strong chocolate flavor while remaining soft […]


Lemon and poppy seeds phyllo crinkle cake

You don’t have to be a professional pastry chef to make this extraordinary and very easy phyllo and lemon cream cake also known as Crinkle Cake. It’s a simple dessert made with store-bought phyllo dough covered in sweet batter with lemon juice and zest, condensed milk and poppy seeds. The batter is prepared with very […]

savory crepes

Light and thin crepes with spelt flour

Spelt flour crepes are an excellent alternative to the classic thin crepes with white flour. The recipe is extremely simple, and the crepes come out perfectly golden, elastic and light. It’s a delicious idea for a sweet or savory breakfast, lunch or dinner. Try them stuffed with mushroom cream or in a sweet version with […]


Oreo cream cheesecake cookies

The cream cheese cookies are soft, delicate and super delicious thanks to the addition of Oreo cookie pieces both in the batter and in the decoration. Like all cookies with spreadable cream cheese in the batter, they are quick and easy to prepare and do not require resting time in the refrigerator. They are excellent […]

finger food

The simplest and quickest cold Christmas appetizer

These cute crackers with cheese and a selection of delicious toppings are definitely the quickest and simplest cold Christmas appetizer. You can prepare them in just a few moments. Just open the fridge or pantry to create these fun Christmas finger food appetizers. You can have fun by combining cheese with your favorite condiments. In […]


Avocado stuffed eggs with roe

These eggs stuffed with avocado cream and decorated with fish roe are a delicious and delicate cold appetizer for Christmas or New Year’s Eve. The hard-boiled eggs are filled with a very light cream made with egg yolks, avocado, mayonnaise and a dash of mustard. Everything is then garnished with salmon roe, bottarga or caviar. […]


Wholemeal cookies with cinnamon and honey

These delicious and rustic cookies with cinnamon and honey are not only with 100% wholemeal flour but also egg-free. They are sweet and fragran. Their rustic texture resembles those of the famous British Digestive biscuits. The recipe itself is super quick and easy and also doesn’t require putting the dough in the fridge. The addition […]


Savory Christmas muffins with broccoli and cheese

Savory Christmas muffins with broccoli and cheese are a delicious appetizer to offer to your guests during the holidays. You can bake them both in classic paper liners using the muffin tin and in silicone moulds with Christmas shapes like these beautiful little trees. These muffins are soft thanks to the use of yogurt and […]

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