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Heart shaped marble pound cake

This delicious heart shaped marble pound cake is sweet, buttery, rich and fragrant. A soft cake full of swirls between a light and cocoa batter. All decorated with milk chocolate to create a sweet breakfast or a delicious snack. Try it in the morning with a nice glass of steaming latte. Store covered at room […]


Spinach, beans and sun-dried tomatoes skillet

Spinach, beans and sun-dried tomatoes skillet is a hot, easy and quick, healthy and nutritious side dish. Fresh spinach leaves are cooked with cannellini beans and spiced with garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, black olives and hot chili peppers. They are excellent as a vegetable side dish or to be served on top of a crunchy bruschetta […]


Zucchini, potato and feta soup

This zucchini, potato and feta soup is delicious, healthy and light. A perfect quick dish for a summer or early autumn lunch or dinner. It is easy to prepare as you only need a few vegetables, feta cheese, Greek yogurt and the soup is ready in less than 30 minutes. It is delicate but equally […]


Cake with aromatic heart with grated apples

I invite you to try the delicious cake with a heart full of grated apples and semi-shortcrust pastry. Semi-shortcrust pastry is a little softer than traditional shortcrust pastry and is baked with the addition of yogurt and baking powder for this reason it is less crumbly but thicker, softer and delicious. The apple pie itself […]

buns and rolls

Super easy to prepare fluffy pull apart sweet rolls

These milk and butter pull apart rolls are very fluffy, moist and slightly sweet. They are thin rolls that melt in your mouth, they are super easy to make and they are prepared with simple ingredients. They look more like a brioche than simple rolls so they are perfect for both a sweet breakfast and […]


Giant cinnamon roll cake

Giant cinnamon roll cake is a very soft and fragrant cinnamon brioche with a sweet and sticky cream cheese frosting. Inspired by the famous Swedish and American cinnamon rolls, this soft brioche with an irresistible aroma and flavor is perfect for breakfast or a snack accompanied by a cup of latte. The maxi version comes […]


Easy creamy potato salad

Easy creamy potato salad is made with tender boiled potatoes along with a few other ingredients and topped with a quick and tasty dressing! This potato salad recipe offers the perfect combination of crunch and creaminess. It is even better if prepared in advance, making it a perfect dish at any time both as a […]


Soft apple, coconut, lemon and Greek yogurt cake

Today’s recipe is for a soft, moist and delicious – apple, coconut, lemon and Greek yogurt cake. The recipe is very simple and takes little time. The buttery dought with dry coconut is quick to prepare. The addition of Greek yogurt makes it light and soft. Discover how delicious an apple cake can be without […]


Sweet peppers stuffed with tuna and ricotta

Sweet peppers stuffed with tuna and ricotta and baked with a crunchy topping are a delicious appetizer to be served both hot and cold. The creamy filling with tuna and cheese is delicate but very flavourful at the same time. The breadcrumb topping is crunchy and simple and goes perfectly with the strong flavor of […]

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