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Sweet whipped ricotta dessert with fresh fruit

This sweet whipped ricotta with fresh fruit is a simple and quick dessert. It can be prepared at the last minute for unexpected guests or as a tasty afternoon snack. It is prepared by whipping ricotta and cream with a sweetener, in this case acacia honey. Then the dessert is completed by dividing it into […]


Roasted barbecue potatoes with parsley and garlic sauce

Roasted barbecue potatoes with parsley and garlic sauce are a vegetable side dish with a rustic and intense flavor. They are perfect not only for those who do not want to abandon the smoky flavor of the barbecue and who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, but also for the meat lovers who want to […]


Creamy no-bake vanilla cheesecake without gelatine

This creamy no-bake vanilla cheesecake without gelatine powder is possibly the creamiest and smoothest cheesecake I’ve ever made. The recipe is so easy that it is almost trivial and it uses few ingredients. Inside this recipe you will find a couple of simple but important tricks that make it so light and smooth. What makes […]


Blueberry and condensed milk brioche

This soft blueberry and condensed milk brioche filled with fresh fruit uses condensed milk in the dough. This brioche cake is rich in fruit, soft, delicious and covered with a delicious glaze with a bright color. It is perfect for a sweet breakfast or for an afternoon tea. The condensed milk in the dough adds […]


Peach and apricot crumble with oats and almonds

This peach, apricot and apple crumble, with oats and almonds is just a delicious hot dessert full of fruit and a sweet, crunchy topping. It is a quick and easy dessert to prepare and it is an ideal with different types of peaches. Its flavor is a mix between the sour fruit, delicate aftertaste of […]


Fluffy brioche buns filled with seasonal fruit

These fluffy brioche buns filled with seasonal fruit is one of my favorite recipes for a delicious sweet snack. These mini buns are soft, sweet and with a rich filling. Being made with the addition of butter and milk they are very delicate and fragrant. This time I have prepared them with a filling made […]


Easy grilled vegetable skewers with fresh herb sauce

Grilled vegetable skewers with fresh herb sauce are quick and easy veg recipe and a great way to spice up your summer barbecue with a vegetarian side dish. It’s a pretty basic veg side dish but simple doesn’t mean boring. These veggie skewers are colorful, smoky, lightly crunchy, and full of flavor. Once cooked they […]

savory crepes

Greek yogurt and zucchini fritters with feta cheese

These Greek yogurt and zucchini fritters with feta cheese are incredibly easy to prepare and they are a perfect way to sneak in some vegetables onto our table. I am always looking for new ways to use zucchini in the summer when this vegetable is in season and persists in our garden or in the […]


Mixed berries and Greek yogurt smoothie

If you are looking for an idea for a healthy and light breakfast or snack I think this smoothie with berries and Greek yogurt is right for you. It is a super quick and easy recipe to prepare and guarantees a good dose of vitamins mixed with the irresistible taste of fruit smoothie. This smoothie […]


Summer peach and tomato caprese salad with basil sauce

We all know classic summer Italian caprese salad with tomato, basil and mozzarella but have you ever thought of adding peach and garnishing everything with a fresh sauce? I assure you that the combination of sweet, salty and sour is really successful. This version of caprese garnished with a delicious basil and mint sauce is […]

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