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Chocolate dolcetti with panna cotta

Absolutely delicious chocolate dolcetti (Italian word for a treat/dessert) covered with a thin layer of dark chocolate with hazelnuts. The topping is soft and velvety milk chocolate panna cotta. Perfect union between the slightly bitter taste of dark chocolate and the sweetness of panna cotta. Instructions milk chocolate panna cotta For this recipe I used […]


Molly cake with Kinder chocolate cream

The recipe for this cake was born from the idea of creating a Kinder chocolate filling or decoration cream. I have already used that cream recipe several times, since a friend (La mia pasticceria moderna) taught me how to prepare it, but never in this version. I must admit that even though I’m not a […]


Mango and strawberry fruit tart with yogurt whipped cream

I prepared this delicious fruit tart with yogurt whipped cream on my thirty-sixth birthday. I love fresh and slightly sour flavors and mango gelèe is absolutely my favorite. The olive oil crust is very simple and quick to prepare and does not require time to rest in the refrigerator. The yogurt whipped cream is absolutely […]


Baked tofu frittata roll with spicy sauce

This recipe for Baked tofu frittata roll was inspired by the traditional Japanese recipe for datemaki. I liked the idea of ​​baking the frittata in the oven and then giving it a perfect rolled shape so it can be sliced and served as a cold appetizer. The addition of tofu makes this frittata quite compact […]


Italian Easter cheese bread – crescia al formaggio

There are dishes that warm up our heart and soul and for me one of these dishes is Italian Easter cheese bread – crescia al formaggio. This leavened savory bread/cake is traditionally baked during the Easter period in Umbria. Nowadays it is very popular and it can be bought all year round in many Umbrian […]


Lemon pastry cream pie

This lemon pastry cream pie is a true Italian classic and a real treat. I used Maestro Massari’s skim shortcrust and the recipe for pastry cream that is suitable for baking. The pie itself is delicate, dense, sweet at the right point. Garnished with sour fruit such as blueberries, strawberries or raspberries that go perfectly […]


Baked mushroom and lentil paté

This oven-baked mushroom and lentil paté is easy, fast, healthy and soooo good. It is a valid alternative for a classic baked paté for those who do not eat meat for health reasons or for personal food choices. This paté is dense, soft and rich in bold flavors such as champignon mushrooms, lentils and various […]


Coconut frangipane tart with ricotta and white chocolate cream

This coconut frangipane tart is decorated with ricotta and white chocolate cream and it is a real treat. The crunchy pastry shell is filled with a quick version of coconut frangipane which gives it a delicate sweet and fragrant aftertaste. The ricotta cheese cream has a milky flavour and it is enriched with the sweetness […]


Mega vegetarian sandwich

These mega vegetarian sandwich are rich in vegetables, cheese and boiled eggs. The veggies are enriched with sauces and quickly marinated so that they are super fragrant, crunchy and fresh. This sandwiches can also be prepared in advance and eaten as a quick, healthy and super tasty lunch. Who said vegetarian sandwiches are boring? Instructions […]