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Easy creamy potato salad

Easy creamy potato salad is made with tender boiled potatoes along with a few other ingredients and topped with a quick and tasty dressing! This potato salad recipe offers the perfect combination of crunch and creaminess. It is even better if prepared in advance, making it a perfect dish at any time both as a […]


Yogurt, mustard and honey salad dressing

Yogurt dressing with mustard and honey is an excellent light way to garnish your mixed salads but also to serve it with boiled potatoes, grilled vegetables or fish. The combination of mustard and honey together with yogurt and apple cider vinegar makes this sauce very tasty, an excellent combination of sweet, salty and sour. It […]


Summer salad with beans, hard-boiled eggs and tomatoes

Summer bean salad with hard-boiled eggs and tomatoes is an easy, quick, nutritious and healthy side dish. The union of seasonal tomato with (borlotti or cennellini) beans and hard-boiled eggs, combined with parsley leaves, green olives and a fresh vinaigrette is rich but at the same time light and fresh. Perfect both as a side […]


Fresh summer salad with mint and veggies

Summer salad with mint and three veggies is a lively, easy and super quick side dish for lunch or dinner full of color and freshness! A mix of cucumbers, tomatoes and red onions together with the simple sauce with olive oil and fresh mint. It is a vegetarian side dish but also an ideal condiment […]


Black rice, tuna and avocado salad

Black rice, tuna and avocado salad is a light, tasty and very aromatic dish thanks to the addition of green olives and a lot of lemon zest. It is a fresh and different idea for a rice salad to take to work in a lunch box or to be served as a light cold appetizer. […]


Cucumber salad with mint and parsley sauce

This cucumber salad with mint and parsley sauce is one of those recipes that you can prepare in 5 minutes and it is a super fresh, easy and healthy side dish. The cucumbers cut thinly into strips and then garnished with simple sauce with vinegar, olive oil and fresh mint and parsley. To give it […]


Peach and burrata summer salad

Peach and Italian burrata salad is a light and tasty summer dish. The sweet pairing of thinly sliced ​​peaches together with the creaminess of the burrata, the freshness of the cucumber and the acidity of the vinaigrette creates a very flavorful, unusual but absolutely delicious pairing. It is prepared in a few minutes and is […]


Avocado and cucumber salad

The avocado and cucumber salad is a super light and it is a perfect recipe if you want to make a refreshing and delicious side dish on hot summer days. It is a salad that is not only light and healthy but simple to prepare and easily changeable according to your preferences. The avocado and […]

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