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Homemade vanilla extract

In my recipes I often use homemade vanilla extract that makes cakes and desserts delicious and aromatic. The process for making the extract is very simple and the cost is lower compared to a ready to use product from the store. You can preserve this vanilla extract for a very long time and your desserts […]


Vegan banana and peanuts pancakes

Ok, I will not lie to you… these vegan banana and peanuts pancakes are just fabulous. The fact that they do not contain animal derivatives (vegan) is just a pleasant coincidence. These soft, fragrant pancakes, with a slight aftertaste of banana and peanut have become (for now at least) our favorites pancakes. They can be […]


Lazy banana bread

This moist, not too sweet, and delicious lazy banana bread is ready in no time. Perfect for those times when you feel too lazy to follow any complicated recipes. All you need is a bowl and a fork and a craving for some bananas. Instructions: Lazy banana bread Crush bananas with a fork. Add oil, […]


Oat flour and potato bread

The mix of oat flour* and potatoes is definitely worth tasting. This bread (a kind of flat bread/tortilla) remains soft and full of flavour. It is perfect with some smoked salmon and a sauce made of yogurt, lemon juice and fresh dill. Oat flour and potato bread Rate this recipe 1 2 3 4 5 […]


No salt bread with cooked rice

This delicious bread without salt, with the addition of cooked rice, surprises with its texture and its flavor. Personally I find it perfect with cheeses and marmalade. Since it contains no salt it is great for toddlers. The recipe has been adapted from No salt bread with cooked rice Rate this recipe 1 2 […]


Muffins with banana, apple, carrots and rolled oats

Moist, healthy muffins with banana, carrots, apple and oats. Not too sweet and with a delicate flavour of cinnamon. Perfect for a healthy breakfast. Recipe adapted from Minimalist Baker. Instructions: Muffins with banana, apple, carrots and rolled oats In a bowl put the egg, oil, banana and honey. Mash the bananas with a fork and […]


Sweet potatoes and carrot muffins

These sweet potatoes and carrot muffins are easy and quick to prepare. A twist of ginger and cinamon gives them a spicy aftertaste. They’re yummy, soft and moist. Perfect for breakfast or a snack. Instructions: Sweet potatoes and carrot muffins Depending on the size of your veggies this recipe makes 15 – 18 cupcakes. Line […]


Lactose free cloud bread

After the great success of the regular cloud bread ®* I decided to find a solution for those who would like to try it but they are allergic to dairy products and I came up with the recipe for lactose free cloud bread. For those who do not know it, cloud bread is a delicious […]


Strawberry, coconut and cocoa pancakes

These mixed strawberry, coconut and cocoa pancakes are fun to look at but have a unique and delicious flavor. Lactose free thanks to coconut milk. They are mildly sweet and with a distinct flavur of strawberry. Perfect for toddlers. Instructions: Strawberry, coconut and cocoa pancakes In a bowl place coconut milk, one egg, sugar and […]


Falafel burgers – vegetarian hamburgers

Satisfy your appetite with a delicious veggie burger. So easy to prepare and much healthier when you can use natural ingredients that you already have at your home. These spicy burger that comes from the Arabic tradition are a delight for the palate and even if they are not equal to their meat “cousins” ​​they […]