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Soft and delicate chocolate duvet cake

This chocolate duvet cake is soft and delicate. It is a cake known by various names such as duvet cake, pillow cake or quilt cheesecake. Its flavor is a mix between an oven-baked cheesecake placed on a soft base similar to sponge cake. To prepare it you need a few ingredients which you surely have […]


Soft Christmas cookies with gianduia chocolate

These soft Christmas chocolate gianduia cookies with mixed spices are absolutely delicious. They are simple and quick, sweet and spicy, soft and with a rich covering of chopped chocolate. They are cookies with the addition of spreadable cream cheese in the batter which blends perfectly with Christmas flavors such as cinnamon, ginger or cardamom and […]


Amazing Nutella birthday cake

Today’s recipe is for this absolutely delicious birthday cake filled with Nutella and mascarpone cream. The cake is made of a very soft cocoa sponge cake which is then moistened with chocolate syrup and filled and decorated with the super delicious Nutella and mascarpone cream. This layered cake is then decorated with toasted and crunchy […]


Heart shaped marble pound cake

This delicious heart shaped marble pound cake is sweet, buttery, rich and fragrant. A soft cake full of swirls between a light and cocoa batter. All decorated with milk chocolate to create a sweet breakfast or a delicious snack. Try it in the morning with a nice glass of steaming latte. Store covered at room […]


Banana split porridge breakfast

Inspired by the famous American dessert Banana Split, this porridge with fruit and chocolate is a delicious but also a sweet healthy breakfast. The oat flakes cooked until they become creamy are served in a banana boat and decorated with blueberries, raspberries, chopped hazelnuts and chocolate cream. You can vary this delicious breakfast by changing […]


Cold chocolate chips cheesecake bars

These cold chocolate chips cheesecake bars are an easy, quick and no-bake chocolate chip dessert. It is full of chocolate pieces both in the creamy filling and in the crunchy cookie base. It is a cold cheesecake with the addition of small amount gelatin to keep its shape during hot summer days. Decorate it with […]


Chocolate and hazelnut Ferrero Rocher porridge

Ferrero “Rocher” porridge is a sweet oatmeal with a delicious chocolate and hazelnut coating. The rolled oats are cooked until they become creamy and thick are later they are garnished with chocolate spread, such as Nutella, and some crunchy hazelnuts. All this yumminess is covered with a thin layer of yogurt and dark chocolate rich […]


Dark chocolate yogurt muffins

Today’s recipe is for dark chocolate yogurt muffins full of chocolate pieces. You can prepare them with your children and then put them in the oven and watch them rise and while your kitchen fills with a sweet scent. They are dense but soft, very fragrant and rich in pieces of dark or milk chocolate. […]

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