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Homemade vanilla rice pudding

Homemade vanilla rice pudding is a delicious comfort food dessert of British origin. Dense and creamy, amazing both hot and cold conquers hearts of children and adults. Instructions: Homemade vanilla rice pudding Wash the rice under running water. Take a medium pan, pour half a liter of milk and add 100 ml of cream then […]


Mini vanilla bundt cakes

These mini vanilla bundt cakes are rich, dense and flavourful. Cover the top with icing sugar, a spoon of marmelate or a spoon of your favourite whipped topping. I’ve made this recipe a few times and I just love the buttery vanilla taste. So simple and yet so tasty. Instructions: Mini vanilla bundt cakes All […]


Barley coffee and vanilla pudding

Simple and creamy homemade barley coffee and vanilla pudding. Delicate, dense, sweet and with a slight aftertaste of barley coffee. Instructions barley coffee and vanilla pudding In a pan mix milk with strong barley coffee. Take about half a cup of the liquid and blend with potato starch, egg yolks and vanilla extract. Set asside. […]


Lemon and orange cream without eggs

Delicious lemon and orange cream without eggs to use with cakes, pancakes, crepes, fruit pies or to be enjoyed with a spoon. Easy to prepare this cream use the coconut milk mixed with fresh citrus juice and potato starch as a thickener. It does not use animal products so this lemon cream is vegan and […]


3 ingredients ice cream

3 ingredients, egg free, dairy free, sweetened with honey or maple syrup – this ice cream is prepared without the ice cream machine, and is absolutely delicious. Very simple, sweet and refreshing, full of fruits, perfect for kids and adults. Instructions: 3 ingredients ice cream Clean and peel the fruit. Cut strawberries in half and […]


Coconut and chocolate panna cotta

Coconut and chocolate panna cotta is a perfect dessert for coconut lovers. Creamy, delicate – this Italian pudding is quick and easy to prepare. Panna cotta is a delicious and original dessert appreciated in many different seasons and occasions. Instructions: Coconut and chocolate panna cotta Soak the gelatine in cold water for about 10 minutes. […]

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Super fluffy coffee and milk creamy dessert

Delicious and delicate coffee and milk creamy dessert with ricotta cheese. Soft, mildly sweet, creamy. Perfect with different kinds of choux pastry, brioche, crepes or just as a simple dessert. Instructions fluffy coffee and milk creamy dessert In a small pot stir milk with sugar and potato starch. Place over the heat and cook on […]

World of coffee

Ricotta and coffee creamy dessert

This ricotta and coffee dessert is an easy, quick and yummy idea that I have learned from my mother-in-law. The combination of coffee, dark chocolate and ricotta cheese creates a perfect union of sweet, creamy and slightly bitter dessert. Instructions ricotta and coffee creamy dessert Place ricotta cheese, honey (or maple syrup) and ground coffee […]

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