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Soft frittata with vegetables

Today I’ll show how to make frittata rolls with the addition of vegetables and with a soft creamy center. Delicate and flavorful. This egg dish is: super easy and quick delicious creamy in the center nutritious Instructions soft frittata with vegetables Break the eggs into a bowl and add milk and a large pinch of […]

with cheese

Raw zucchini appetizer with creamy filling

A simple and delicious raw zucchini appetizer. The soft filling of cream cheese acquires flavor thanks to the lemon juice and basil. The walnuts give some extra crunchiness creating a balance for the palate. The recipe has been adapted from Gordon Ramsey’s recipe. This cold appetizer is: easy and fast fragrant healthy delicious gluten free […]


Grilled bell peppers with creamy tuna filling

Grilled bell peppers with creamy tuna filling are a very tasty and colorful vegetable and fish appetizer made with canned tuna. An union of the sweetness of bell peppers and the salty taste of the tuna cream. The cream itself is very fragrant: a mix of flavors between cream cheese and anchovies, capers and mustard. […]

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Homemade cheese and veggie crackers

These homemade cheese and veggie crackers are easy and quick to prepare. They are full of flavour and they are a healthy and yummy appetizer or snack. Also they are perfect for kids who do not like vegetables because they contain well hidden carrot and zucchini. I hope you like these crackers. They are: toddler […]