Christmas antipasto wreath – holiday appetizer idea

If you are looking for an idea for an easy but effective appetizer for Christmas or New Year’s Eve dinner, I have just what you need: antipasto wreath! This wreath is super easy to assemble and amazes with a selection of delicious cheeses, fresh and dried fruit, sauces and appetizers. As you can see it is a sort of cheese platter for a lacto-vegetarian but if you are a lover of the classic appetizer you can fill it with cold cuts of your preference. It is a dish full of finger foods that are easy to find, during the winter time, in your fridge so it perfect to act as a quick and simple to prepare centerpiece.

Instructions Christmas antipasto wreath – holiday appetizer idea

Take a flat plate large enough to hold all your ingredients. Start by taking some rosemary twigs and tie the tips together with a some thread to create a very simple garland. By doing this you make sure that this green frame will hold all the ingredients and it will remain stable.

Proceed by first adding small saucers or bowls with dried fruit. Place them scattered inside the wreath to create points of support. Also remember to add a small container with toothpicks.

Begin adding various finger foods, pieces of bread and crackers by placing them both next to the bowls and on the garland.

Now fill in the empty spaces gradually by adding fresh fruit and vegetables. Add the pieces of various cheeses both rolled and cubed. Fill the plate in a circular way trying to keep balance between colors and shapes. Finish your dish by adding small sprigs of rosemary in the center of the wreath.

Store in the refrigerator not for too long as crackers may lose their crunchiness.

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p.s. If you are looking for some other ideas for the Christmas appetizer, check out my Puff pastry stars stuffed with Italian caponata (photo below) or Puff pastry candies with olives (photo below).

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