Crispy Parmesan spatzle

Crispy Parmesan spatzle are made with very few ingredients but they are full of flavor. Spatzle are irregularly shaped dumplings from Germany that are quick and easy to prepare. This version with grated Parmesan cheese and the dense dough makes them crispy and delicious once you sautè them in a frying pan with some olive oil and some fresh herbs.

Instructions: Crispy Parmesan spatzle

In a bowl mix grated Parmesan cheese with flour, salt and pepper then add egg and milk.

Briefly knead until the dough becomes smooth and homogeneous. Add more milk if necessary. The dough should be thick but not sticky. Set aside covered with a cotton cloth and let rest for 10 minutes.

Bring a large pot of salted water to the boil. Pass the dough through a potato masher with large holes, a special tool for the spatzle or simply doing some long thin strips of dough and cut them directly into boiling water. Wait until the spaetzle float to the surface and transfer them with a slotted spoon in a bowl or a plate. Continue in this manner until you have finished all the dough.

Serve immediately or cook with some olive oil, fresh sage and a few needles of rosemary.

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p.s. If you are looking for a side dish to eat with these spatzle check my Crunchy and spiced baked zucchini chips.

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