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Crispy Parmesan spatzle

Crispy Parmesan spatzle are made with very few ingredients but they are full of flavor. Spatzle are irregularly shaped dumplings from Germany that are quick and easy to prepare. This version with grated Parmesan cheese and the dense dough makes them crispy and delicious once you sautè them in a frying pan with some olive […]


Spinach and ricotta gnudi with brown butter sauce

Spinach and ricotta gnudi are traditional Italian ravioli without pasta shell (that’s why there are called “naked”) of the Tuscan tradition. These soft and tasty kind of gnocchi with spinach are made with the use of very few ingredients and they are very delicate and soft. lot of love. B. p.s. If you like traditiona […]


Gnocchi with red chicory and blue cheese

This recipe for Italian gnocchi with red chicory and creamy gorgonzola sauce is a very flavourful dish for those who love blue cheese. Bold flavours! lot of love. B. p.s. If you are looking for a milder recipe with homemade gnocchi check my Spinach and ricotta gnudi with brown butter sauce.


Soft potato silesian dumplings

These soft potato Silesian dumplings have a particular shape and they come from the Polish tradition. Simple and genuine contain very few ingredients and are quick and easy to prepare. Their shape with a dimple in the middle make them an excellent side dish for meals with meat sauce, cheese or other type of creamy […]

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