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No-knead focaccia with fresh herbs and squash blossoms

This no-knead focaccia is a simple, soft Italian bread that becomes very aromatic thanks to the addition of fresh herbs and squash or zucchini blossoms. A must try! Instructions: No-knead focaccia with fresh herbs and squash blossoms In a large bowl mix flour, salt, sugar and active dry yeast. Add lukewarm water and mix with […]

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Soft beer pretzel

These wonderful soft pretzel get their particular flavor and texture thanks to the addition of ale beer. They are slighlty bitter so they go perfectly with summer appetizers with mixed cheese plates, fresh fruit and veggies and sweet and sour sauces. Instructions: Soft beer pretzel Mix flour with sugar and active dry yeast. Combine 60 […]


Sourdough pumpkin bread with pumpkin seeds

Amazing sourdough bread with a distinct color and taste of pumpkin. Crunchy crust and pumpkin seeds enrich this autumn homemade bread. Sourdough pumpkin bread with pumpkin seeds Rate this recipe 1 2 3 4 5 3ratings Prep Time: 15 minutes Cook Time: 50 minutes Total Time: 1 hour, 5 minutes Category: bakery Cuisine: vegetarian, lactose […]


Zucchini cake

In this cake the zucchini (same like carrots) combined with spices and brown sugar create a moist and soft cake that is rich in fiber and delicious. An excellent way to give some extra vegetables to your children. Instructions: Zucchini cake Wash the zucchini, remove the tips and grate the vegetable on grater with large […]


Sourdough rye bread with prunes

Delicious sourdough rye bread with dried prunes. This bread is moist, slightly sour and full of sweet pieces of dried plums. Perfect with cheese slices and a glass of red wine. Instructions: Sourdough rye bread with prunes For this recipe I used prunes made by Monte Rè. The prunes I used are with seeds that […]


Wholemeal flour peach galette

In the summer period this wholemeal flour peach galette is a must in our home. An union between the sweetness of the peach , deep flavor of whole wheat flour trapped in a crispy pastry, and the hint of spice coming from the ground ginger. Try it still warm with a scoop of vanilla ice […]


Coriander and pineapple cake

This moist and aromatic coriander and pineapple cake is easy to prepare and is perfect for different occasions. The cream cheese frosting with the addition of pineapple juice is delicate and in perfect union with the not too sweet cake. Instructions: Coriander and pineapple cake In a bowl mix the flours, sugar, spices, salt, baking […]


Carrot and orange pound cake

This carrot and orange pound cake uses carrot puree which gives it a beautiful color and a mild flavor that goes perfectly with the cinnamon and nutmeg. The thin layer of orange glaze adds a touch of extra sweetness. Perfect for breakfast along with a cup of tea to warm you up against first autumn […]


Whole wheat homemade Naan bread

I love homemade bread and this delicious skillet made bread is no exception. Aromatic and dense, this Indian bread, with the addition of whole wheat flour, is prepared in a few steps and is so full of flavour that it disappears faster than the time it takes to be prepared. Whole wheat homemade Naan bread […]


Healthy banana and oats muffins

Healthy and easy muffins with banana and oats. Bananas, honey, whole wheat flour and rolled oats are all the ingredients that make these muffins become a healthy snack or breakfast. Instructions: Healthy banana and oats muffins The eggs and the yogurt should be at room temperature. In a bowl whisk the eggs, honey and oil. […]