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Salted radishes appetizer

This recipe for salted radishes appetizer was born while I was studing different ideas of Asian origin. This fast appetizer not only inspired me for its simplicity but above all for the preparation method. Raw radishes are sliced in a special and fun way and then immersed in salted water to change their texture. They […]


Baked mushroom and lentil paté

This oven-baked mushroom and lentil paté is easy, fast, healthy and soooo good. It is a valid alternative for a classic baked paté for those who do not eat meat for health reasons or for personal food choices. This paté is dense, soft and rich in bold flavors such as champignon mushrooms, lentils and various […]


Grilled zucchini hummus with fresh thyme

A delicious hummus variation with grilled zucchini, fresh thyme and grated lemon zest. Rich, dense, and fresh. Print Grilled zucchini hummus with fresh thyme Category: appetizer, side dish Cuisine: dietetic, vegan, gluten free, lactose free Yield: 1 batch Ingredients 250 g zucchini lemon zest to taste 1 tbsp (or less) fresh thyme 1 handful baby […]


Spicy red bean spread

An idea for lunch or quick appetizer? Try this red bean spread on a piece of fresh bread. Easy, fast, slightly spicy, this spread is rich in vegetable protein and fibers and equally rich in flavor. Print Spicy red bean spread Prep Time: 5 minutes Total Time: 5 minutes Category: appetizer Cuisine: dietetic, vegan, gluten […]

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Spicy baked edamame – healthy and tasty snack

The edamame soybean is delicious and rich in vegetable protein. This recipe creates a yummy and healthy appetizer: baked edamame beans. Crunchy outside, soft inside, with a hint of a spice from chili powder and curry. Print Spicy baked edamame – healthy and tasty snack Prep Time: 5 minutes Cook Time: 20 minutes Total Time: […]


Red lentil and mushroom pate

To those who like lentils and mushrooms this is a perfect dish. Try it with crispy bruschetta accompanied by a glass of red wine. The recipe has been modified from chow’s red lentil patè. Print Red lentil and mushroom pate Prep Time: 10 minutes Cook Time: 30 minutes Total Time: 40 minutes Category: second course, […]


Baked kale chips

Those who follow various food enthusiasts web sites will know very well that often, in the digital world, certain food trends appear and disappear. I’m talking here about gluten free meals, crispy bacon everywhere, rainbow food, chocolate balls that melt revealing a hidden dessert. You can like the end result or not, but at least […]