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Raw veggie and pineapple salad

This side dish of raw vegetables is inspired by a typical Mexican recipe that is pico de gallo where a mixture of fresh and tasty vegetables including red onion, tomatoes and peppers (traditionally green peppers are used) create a perfect mix that goes perfectly with fish and meat. The addition of fresh pineapple and lime […]


Sun butter – sunflower seeds homemade butter

The sunflower seed butter, also known as “Sun butter” is a valuable substitute of famous peanut butter. It was created to provide similar tasting spread for children and adults who suffer peanuts allergy. Perfect on a slice of toast creates a tasty and healthy snack. Print Sun butter – sunflower seeds homemade butter Rate this […]


Golden syrup – caramelized sugar syrup

For those not familiar with Golden Syrup it is a sugar syrup often used in different British and American recipes. Unfortunately it is not available in Italy. This syrup of honey consistency, tastes like a sugar lollipop with delicate caramelized lemon aftertaste. Print Golden syrup – caramelized sugar syrup Rate this recipe 1 2 3 […]


Homemade vanilla extract

In my recipes I often use homemade vanilla extract that makes cakes and desserts delicious and aromatic. The process for making the extract is very simple and the cost is lower compared to a ready to use product from the store. You can preserve this vanilla extract for a very long time and your desserts […]


Peanut butter

Have you ever tried to do homemade peanut butter? You won’t guess how easy it is to get a creamy, delicious and healthy peanut butter. Add a little honey, add a little sea salt, or nothing at all. Few ingredients and few steps to follow. Print Peanut butter Rate this recipe 1 2 3 4 […]