Homemade mixed spice for mulled wine and Christmas cookies

Have you ever wondered how mixed spice for mulled wine or for Christmas cakes and cookies are made? It is a simple, aromatic and intense mix of spices that generally adds that fantastic smell and taste to different types of Christmas recipes such as French pain d’épices, German lebkuchen, Polish piernik or other types of traditional desserts. Preparing it at home is very simple and fast. You can keep this fantastic mixture in a airtight container and use it to your liking.

Instructions mixed spice for mulled wine and Christmas cookies

You can customize this mixture according to your personal taste. In my family we prefer the use small amount of pepper but instead we use a lot of cinnamon.

Open cardamom pods. Discard the green shells and use only the seeds inside the berry.

Place cardamom seeds, juniper berries (optional), one anise star, cloves and cinnamon sticks in a pan. Toast everything for a couple of minutes over low heat until the spices begin to release an intense aroma.

Place everything in a mortar and grind. At this point you have two ways to proceed. The first one is to grind all the spices using a mortar. The second one that is simpler, is to use a coffee grinder that can pulverize everything in a few bzzzz.

Add ginger powder, fresh ground pepper and grated nutmeg to the mixture and stir.

Store in a airtight container and use to your liking.

lot of love. B.

p.s. If you are looking for some tasty recipes where you can use these spices I recommend Giant cinnamon cookie stuffed with homemade caramel candy

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