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Fennel and radicchio barley salad

Fennel and radicchio barley salad is an amazing, healthy and flavorful vegan salad garnished with capers, garlic and green olives paste. All mixed with crispy and super fresh fennel and radicchio. Serve immediately with a few drops of lemon juice. lot of love. B. p.s. If you love this kind of salad you should also […]

Potato Cakes

Potato cake with onion and olive stew

This classic Italian potato cake (gateau) is enriched with onion, olives, capers and tomatoes stew. Rich and fragrant vegetarian main dish. lot of love. B. p.s. If you are looking for some more potato cake recipes check my Italian potato cake with mushroom-mozarella filling and Baked mashed potatoes with white bean puree.


Vegetarian oven roasted stuffed bell peppers

These oven roasted stuffed bell peppers are a delicious and flavourful vegetarian dish. Colorful bell peppers contain the crunchiness of the bread mixed with capers, cheese, parsley and garlic. This union between sweet and salty amazes me with its deliciois balance. Serve warm or cold. lot of love. B. p.s. if you are looking for […]


Creamy tuna sandwich with pink peppercorn

The creamy tuna sandwich is very easy and quick to prepare. You can create this delicious mousse by simply blending some cream cheese or creamy goat cheese with canned tuna, anchovies, capers, mustard and balsamic vinegar. You can use this paste to spread on sandwiches or as a garnish for voulevants. lot of love. B. […]


Deviled eggs with smoked paprika and capers

The deviled eggs are a tasty American appetizer. The eggs are cooked until they become hard boiled and then filled with a soft creamy filling made of egg yolk mixed with mayonnaise and spices. Today I would like to show you my version of deviled eggs with a strong scent of smoked paprika which I […]


Grilled bell peppers with creamy tuna filling

Grilled bell peppers with creamy tuna filling are a very tasty and colorful vegetable and fish appetizer made with canned tuna. An union of the sweetness of bell peppers and the salty taste of the tuna cream. The cream itself is very fragrant: a mix of flavors between cream cheese and anchovies, capers and mustard. […]

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