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Melancholy cake – creamy naked cake with apples

Melancholy cake is a naked style cake that represents a fantasy about apple flavor. A cake that recalls the melancholy of autumn through the taste of apple, spices and honey. Creamy jet crunchy. A succession of intense and deep flavors. Instructions: Melancholy cake – creamy naked cake with apples * See the recipe notes for […]


Christmas brownie with cinnamon and lemon zest

If you still have not decided what kind of cake to prepare for Christmas and the holidays are just around the corner, this fudgy Christmas brownie is the ideal solution for you. Easy and quick to prepare it surprises with the rich flavor of chocolate mixed with cinnamon and the scent of lemon zest. Instructions: […]


Chocolate magic cake

The chocolate magic cake is a dark version of the vanilla magic cake. For those unfamiliar with this dessert, it is a cake which during the baking process, with just one batter “magically ” divides into 3 layers (a delicate sponge cake, a creamy center and a flan as a base). With the addition of […]