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Chocolate dolcetti with panna cotta

Absolutely delicious chocolate dolcetti (Italian word for a treat/dessert) covered with a thin layer of dark chocolate with hazelnuts. The topping is soft and velvety milk chocolate panna cotta. Perfect union between the slightly bitter taste of dark chocolate and the sweetness of panna cotta. Instructions milk chocolate panna cotta For this recipe I used […]


Molly cake with Kinder chocolate cream

The recipe for this cake was born from the idea of creating a Kinder chocolate filling or decoration cream. I have already used that cream recipe several times, since a friend (La mia pasticceria moderna) taught me how to prepare it, but never in this version. I must admit that even though I’m not a […]


Chocolate and olive oil cake with orange marmalade

Often the simplest recipes are the best ones and this chocolate and olive oil cake is this case. Intense, sweet, moist, with a delicate orange aftertaste thanks to the addition of orange marmalade in the batter. This chocolate cake is perfect for a dessert, a snack or as a base for buttercream filled birthday cakes. […]


Moist, soft and creamy decadent chocolate cake

Simple and amazing, easy and delicious, intense and fragrant, decadent chocolate cake. With delicious chocolate cream cheese frosting and moist cocoa cake it is sweet at the right point and will satisfy many chocolate lovers. Instructions: Moist, soft and creamy decadent chocolate cake For this recipe I used cream cheese made by Arla that was […]


Pound cake with dried plums and white chocolate cream

The addition of orange marmalade into the batter makes this pound cake particularly fragrant while the pieces of dried plums add extra texture and taste. The cake is All covered with white chocolate and mascarpone cream and garnished with pomegranate seeds and raspberries. Delicate and sweet, easy and elegante Christmas pound cake. Print Pound cake […]


Bright white chocolate, mascarpone and lemon cream tart

This tart is a true treat for your eyes and palate. A combination of delicate cocoa and almond crust, a deliciously creamy mascarpone and white chocolate filling, a lemon cream, some fresh red berries and small crunchy meringues. A perfect union between sweet and sour, fresh and delicious. A perfect tart for every occasion and […]


Soft, no-bake, cookie chocolate cake

Quick and easy no-bake cake. This cookie cake becomes super soft and delicious thanks to the chocolate cream and marmalade* that adds a sour note, while dark chocolate chips add some extra crunchiness. Yummy! Print Soft, no-bake, cookie chocolate cake Rate this recipe 1 2 3 4 5 1 ratings Prep Time: 1 hour Total […]


Melancholy cake – creamy naked cake with apples

This naked cake represents a fantasy about apple flavor. A cake that recalls the melancholy of autumn through the union between the taste of apple, spices and honey. Creamy jet crunchy. A succession of intense and deep flavors. Print Melancholy cake – creamy naked cake with apples Rate this recipe 1 2 3 4 5 […]