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Blackberry smoothie with beet and banana

This beetroot, banana and blackberry smoothie is an unusual yet delicious fruit and vegetable smoothie. It is super violet, creamy, full of bold flavour and healthy. lot of love. B. p.s. If you like this recipe maybe you can also try my Easy kefir smoothie with berries (foto below).


Beet greens and zucchini soup with coconut milk

This summer zucchini soup with beet greens is delicate and nutritious. Fresh ginger and coriander seeds add a delicious and fragrant note. Coconut milk adds delicate, velvety flavor that goes perfectly with summer vegetables such as zucchini. Light and healthy, rich and delicious soup. lot of love. B. p.s. If you love international cuisine and […]


Soft beetroot focaccia

The addition of beetroot into the dough of this focaccia makes it soft, original and delicious. It gives it not only a beautiful color but also adds a “earthy” flavor which is so wonderfully particular and aromatic. It is perfect to be sliced and stuffed with fresh veggies and cheese. Once cooked let it cool […]


Botwinka – Polish beet greens soup

This soup is inspired by a traditional beet greens Polish soup – botwinka. The earthy flavor of beet greens blends perfectly with the delicate flavor of vegetable broth enriched by the sweetness of the cream and the acidity of the lemon juice. It is rich, delicate yet flavourful. lot of love. B. p.s. If you […]


Roasted beetroot chickpea hummus

Beside traditional chickpea hummus there are countless variations and roasted beetroot hummus is one of them. In these variations chickpeas are can be replaced with different types of legumes or the classic mixture of chickpeas, tahini, lemon and garlic is accompanied by different types of vegetables and spices. In this recipe baked beetroot goes perfectly […]

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