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Cinnamon and apple monkey bread

Today’s recipe is for a leavened cake full of soft milky rolls covered in sugar and cinnamon and variegated with soft pieces of apples that is called monkey bread. Traditionally monkey bread is baked in a round bundt pan but this time I used a rectangular one. The cake is rich in autumnal flavors and […]


Caramelized apple and lemon cream pie

Caramelized apple and lemon cream pie is a rich and fragrant autumn dessert with an irresistible filling that melts in your mouth. It’s a real delight with caramelized apples as a base for a velvety lemon or cardamom cream. Everything is enclosed in a tender pastry shell. Absolutely worth trying. Store in the refrigerator and […]


Cake with aromatic heart with grated apples

I invite you to try the delicious cake with a heart full of grated apples and semi-shortcrust pastry. Semi-shortcrust pastry is a little softer than traditional shortcrust pastry and is baked with the addition of yogurt and baking powder for this reason it is less crumbly but thicker, softer and delicious. The apple pie itself […]


Soft apple, coconut, lemon and Greek yogurt cake

Today’s recipe is for a soft, moist and delicious – apple, coconut, lemon and Greek yogurt cake. The recipe is very simple and takes little time. The buttery dought with dry coconut is quick to prepare. The addition of Greek yogurt makes it light and soft. Discover how delicious an apple cake can be without […]


Soft cake with moist apple filling

“Cuor di mela” (Apple’s heart) is a super soft and moist cake with rich apple and cinnamon filling. It is a very simple cake to prepare and the poured batter guarantees a delicate but at the same time very fragrant autumn dessert. Fluffy and delicious, prepared with many apples, it is perfect for a sweet […]


Easy puff pastry croissants with apples and cinnamon

These mini croissants made with store bought puff pastry, apples and cinnamon are the simplest and fastest croissants you can prepare. They are ready in half an hour and require neither rising times nor kneading but only the premade round puff pastry and a couple of simple ingredients. They are small mouth-watering snacks with puff […]


Apple and orange cider with ginger and rum

This recipe for delicious homemade apple and orange cider with fresh ginger and rum is super easy to prepare. It is made simply with apples and oranges, spices such as ginger and cinnamon, water, sweetener of your choice, and rum. It is comforting, warm and delicious. While traditional cider is made with fermented apple juice, […]

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