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No-knead bread with green olives

I created this recipe for this simple yet really flavourful no-knead bread by modifying slightly the base dough and adding green and dark olives. The result is a bread that is easy to prepare but very fragrant. It is a rustic and easy bread that goes perfectly with aged cheeses and is also excellent for […]

buns and rolls

Easy soft olive oil rolls

These homemade soft olive oil rolls are easy to prepare, fragrant and perfect to be served with different types of both savory and sweet fillings. Prepared with a simple dough based on fresh yeast, extra virgin olive oil and flour. The dough of these rolls is really easy whether you knead it by hand or […]

finger food

Homemade giant pretzel

The idea of ​​creating a homemade giant pretzel, perfect for an appetizer with friends, was born on a particularly warm spring day. As I was expecting an afternoon with high temperatures, I decided that for this occasion I would prepare a cold aappetizer with different kind of cheese, olives, fruit, vegetables, and sauces. I decided […]

buns and rolls

Melon pan – Japenese sweet buns

I always wanted to prepare these sweet Japanese buns called melon pan (メ ロ ン パ ン meronpan) and when I finally when I found a recipe made by a blogger (Nami), who’s blog is all about Japanese cuisine, I knew I absolutely need to make them. I must admit they are delicious. The inside […]


Easy everyday bread with spelt flour

Simple everyday bread made with active dry yeast, wholemeal spelt flour and milk that has been incorporated in the dough that makes it become delicate but at the same time fragrant and inviting. This leavened dough is perfect to be prepared when you are in a hurry and have little time to knead but you […]


Super soft panfocaccia

Soft panfocaccia is an union between bread and Italian focaccia. Easy and delicious. Perfect to be stuffed and cut as a slider or to be used instead of a toast bread. Let cool down completely then serve. lot of love. B. p.s. If you are looking for another soft and delicate focaccia recipe that you […]


Authentic homemade Mexican corn tortillas

This recipe is very simple and guarantees the preparation of traditional, homemade and authentic Mexican tortillas. For those who do not know tortillas they are thin unleavened flatbreads made with corn flour (masa harina) and they are used as a base for tacos and burritos. Moreover, tortillas are gluten-free and lactose-free so they are perfect […]

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