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Whole wheat homemade Naan bread

I love homemade bread and this delicious frying whole wheat naan bread is no exception. Aromatic and dense, this Indian bread, with the addition of whole wheat flour, is prepared in a few steps and is so full of flavour that it disappears faster than the time it takes to be prepared. Instructions: Whole wheat […]


Classic Italian focaccia bread

Classic Italian focaccia is a flat bread that is versatile in so many ways. You can slice it and use it as sandwich bread, the dough can be used as a pizza base and you can customize it by adding cherry tomatoes, olives, or garlic. Here you will find a recipe for an easy and […]


Italian focaccia with durum wheat flour

Delicious Italian focaccia with 100% durum wheat flour. More dense, a little bit lower, but full of flavor. This focaccia is different from the usual soft version but stil very flavourful. The durum wheat flour gives it a peculiar and original texture. Instructions: Italian focaccia with durum wheat flour In a bowl mix the flour […]

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