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Strawberry cinnamon rolls with lemon pastry cream

Strawberry cinnamon rolls are a very soft brioche rolls filled with lemon pastry cream and fresh fruit. These delicate brioches are egg and butter-free but they use mascarpone cheese in the dough that gives them a delicate milky aftertaste. The lemon pastry cream goes perfectly with the tart flavor of fresh strawberries. I made this […]

World of coffee

Mascarpone and coffee soft brioche

As always I was thinking about my favorite beverage when I decided to prepare this delicate mascarpone coffee soft brioche. The brioche is very fragrant with a light aftertaste of milk thanks to the addition of mascarpone cheese in the dough and a distinct coffee flavor. Perfect for a sweet breakfast with some butter and […]


Five-spice and mascarpone soft croissants

Small and delicious leavened croissants with 5 spices powder (fennel, cinnamon, cloves, pepper and star anise) and mascarpone. Fragrant and delicious, covered with a thin caramelized layer of brown cane sugar. One leads to another! Instructions: Five-spice and mascarpone soft croissants For this recipe I used 5 spices blend by Cannamela. This blend of Asian […]


Brioche with honey, cinnamon and mixed seeds

This brioche with honey, cinnamon and mixed seeds has a light yet rustic taste thanks to the use of stone ground flour. Aromatic, soft, slightly sweet, with a delicate aftertaste of cinnamon and with a crunchy amazing topping made of mixed seeds including poppy seeds, sesame and sunflower seeds. Instructions: Brioche with honey, cinnamon and […]


Brioche with cherry marmalade

Delicious brioche with a rich flavor of cherry marmalade and amazing orange scent. Perfect for a tea time or for a sweet breakfast with a cup of hot coffee. Instructions: Brioche with cherry marmalade In a bowl combine flour, active dry yeast yeast and sugar. Begin to work the dough gradually adding eggs and warm […]


Classic strawberry scones

Strawberry scones are a variant of the classic English quick buns. Not too sweet, with an intense flavor and smell of strawberries and enriched with a pink icing (made with strawberries as well), these brioches are prepared in a very short time and disappear even faster. Instructions: classic strawberry scones In a small bowl mix […]

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