Refreshing smoothie with lemon, cucumber and pineapple

This is definitely one of my favorite refreshing smoothie. It is not too sweet so it is perfect to chase away your thirst in hot summer days.

Instructions: Refreshing smoothie with lemon, cucumber and pineapple

For this recipe I use frozen pieces of pineapple that I always have ready in the freezer for my smoothies. If you use fresh pineapple, add a few ice cubes to make the smoothie more refreshing.

To sweeten this drink I used a simple brown sugar syrup. The recipe for this simple ingredient can be found on foodohfood here otherwise you use brown sugar or another type of sweetener to taste.

Put all ingredients into the blender jug ​​and blend.

Add more water if you want your smoothie more liquid and serve immediately.

lot of love. B.

p.s. If you like easy and refreshing smoothies you should also check out my Strawberry, ginger and pineapple smoothie. (foto below)

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