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Light zucchini and rosemary soup

This recipe for light zucchini soup with rosemary is easy and quick to prepare. Delicate, tasty, perfect for summer with fresh seasonal zucchini. Instructions: Light zucchini and rosemary soup Heat the oil in a pot. Add sliced leek (white and light green parts) and cook on medium heat for 5 min. Add diced potato, 2 […]


Oven roasted veggie fries

These oven roasted veggie fries are a healthy and yummy side dish. An easy way to get your kids eat some more veggies. The use of starch creates a crispy layer on the vegetables and the addition of fresh herbs make them even more fragrant. Instructions: Oven roasted veggie fries Prepare your vegetables. Clean and […]


Bread with zucchini

This recipe for a bread with zucchini in the dough came to me while I was on holidays in Poland. My father is a vegetable garden enthusiast and he cultivates various types of vegetables including zucchini. This year there are just too many so to be able to eat all of them we invented many […]


Crunchy and spiced baked zucchini chips

These baked zucchini chips are a quick and easy side dish. Thanks to the breadcrumbs and cheese the zucchini becomes slightly crispy and the addition of spices make them fragrant and flavourful. Instructions baked zucchini chips Cut your zucchini into rounds. Put them in a bowl, pour over 1 tablespoon of olive oil and toss […]


Soft frittata with vegetables

Today I’ll show how to make frittata rolls with the addition of vegetables and with a soft creamy center. Delicate and flavorful. This egg dish is: super easy and quick delicious creamy in the center nutritious Instructions soft frittata with vegetables Break the eggs into a bowl and add milk and a large pinch of […]