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Milk and lemon pie

This milk and lemon pie is perfectly sweet and sour. A mix of flavors between delicate soft milk filling mixed with tangy lemon juice, vanilla, nutmeg and cane sugar. Best with the fresh seasonal fruit. Let it cool down completely before serving. This pie is even better the day after. lot of love. B. p.s. […]


Ricotta and chocolate stracciatella tart

If you’re a fan of tarts and stracciatella flavor – this ricotta and chocolate stracciatella tart is a perfect for you. Delicate union between crumbly homemade pastry and creamy filling made with ricotta cheese, enriched by the bitter chocolate pieces and a delicate scent of lemon, makes this pie a perfect well balanced yummy dessert […]


Puff pastry apple and pear pie

Today’s recipe is a super quick and simple to prepare puff pastry apple and pear pie. So easy to prepare and so full of flavour. There is always a good time to prepare this delicious pie! Serve warm or cold. lot of love. B. p.s. If you are looking for another super easy recipe with […]


Strawberry, lemon and vanilla classic American pie

Strawberry pie is a delicious tart of American origins made of vanilla pastry and strawberry filling. Fragrant, sweet and rich in flavours of fresh fruit, lemon zest and vanilla. Cover with aluminum foil if the pie is getting brown too quickly. Remove from the oven and allow to cool before serving. This tart is excellent […]


Cinnamon and ginger apple tart

A delicious cinnamon and ginger apple tart with sliced apples laid on a bed of homemade spiced apple jam. Simple yet beautiful. Remove from the oven and allow to cool. Once the tart is lukewarm brush the apples with some heated peach jam mixed with 1 tablespoon of water. Let cool completely and serve. lot […]


Tangy and creamy key lime pie

Tangy and creamy key lime pie is a traditional American pie that uses a cookies crust. The filling is very creamy with a pungent lime flavor and a texture that resembles almost a very light and fluffy cheesecake. Refreshing, tangy and delicious it is an as excellent summer dessert. lot of love. B. p.s. If […]

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