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dry pasta

Pasta with cream cheese, smoked salmon and spinach

Quick and easy pasta with smoked salmon, spinach and cream cheese. A recipe full of flavour perfect when you have little time available to cook. Instructions: Pasta with cream cheese, smoked salmon and spinach In a large pot with boiling, salted water, cook pasta (long type, like linguine or fettuccine) following the instructions on the […]

Stuffed pasta

Spinach and ricotta cannelloni pasta

The cannelloni are a classic Italian stuffed pasta dish. Filled with delicate and tasty union of ricotta and spinach and baked in the oven, along with a generous layer of béchamel sauce, this recipe is a perfect meal for family dinners. You can find a great recipe for homemade béchamel sauce right here on this […]


Ricotta and chocolate stracciatella tart

If you’re a fan of pies and stracciatella flavor – this is a perfect pie for you. Delicate union between crumbly homemade pastry and creamy filling made with ricotta cheese, enriched by the bitter chocolate pieces and a delicate scent of lemon, makes this pie a perfect well balanced yummy dessert for hot and cold […]


Focaccia with mascarpone cheese

These focaccia buns with mascarpone cheese in the dough are very soft and tender. They are excellent for breakfast with honey or as a snack with hazelnut spread. The addition of mascarpone cheese makes them fresh the day after and gives them a delicate flavor of milk. Instructions: Focaccia with mascarpone cheese In a small […]

dry pasta

Pasta with creamy pumpkin sauce

A simple, tasty and healthy recipe. This pumpkin sauce is quick and easy to prepare. Creamy and dense, sweet yet salty thanks to the addition of grated parmesan cheese. Pasta with creamy pumpkin sauce Rate this recipe 1 2 3 4 5 1 ratings Prep Time: 5 minutes Cook Time: 20 minutes Total Time: 25 […]

dry pasta

Tomato and butter intense pasta sauce

Today’s recipe is a very simple and very tasty tomato and butter pasta sauce recipe. The sauce with whole tomatoes and basil are cooked with olive oil, butter and onion to give it a deeper flavor to create a basic yet flavourful Italian pasta sauce. Instructions: Tomato and butter intense pasta sauce Cook the pasta […]

dry pasta

Pasta with roasted bell peppers

Super fragrant pasta dish with vegetables. The bright colors of the peppers cooked in the oven together with the red of cherry tomatoes make this dish so nice to look at. The addition of salted anchovies creates a necessary balance between the salty taste of the fish and the sweetness of the bell peppers. Pasta […]