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Blueberry marmalade brioche

What happens if we add our favorite marmalade into the dough of braided brioche? We obtain a soft and delicious brioche with a light fruity aftertaste and an irresistible smell. To get a better result I recommend using a jam with a strong flavor and a bright color. Instead if you are looking for a […]


Extra soft brioche with crunchy caramelized brown sugar

This super soft brioche is covered with caramelized brown sugar that creates a thin crispy layer over its surface. Delicate and delicious. Perfect for delicious breakfast or brunch with a cup of coffee, butter and marmalade. Instructions: Extra soft brioche with crunchy caramelized brown sugar In a large bowl mix flour with active dry yeast, […]


Chalka – Polish soft vanilla brioche

The scent and flavor of chalka, which is Polish name for soft vanilla brioche, are part of those scents of childhood that you never forget. In my home country I usally bought it, still warm, with a rich sugar and butter crumble or with poppy seeds on top. Only now I found out that this […]