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Ricotta hotcakes without baking powder

These delicate ricotta hotcakes without baking powder are a great way to start your day. They do not contain baking powder but remain soft and fluffy due to the addition of beated egg whites. Instructions: Ricotta hotcakes without baking powder Separate the yolks from the whites in two different bowls. Add a pinch of salt […]

Savory cakes

Spinach and ricotta savory tart

Perfect as a vegetarian second dish or as an appetizer this tart with its creamy spinach and ricotta filing is cooked over a layer of a homemade savory pastry. I won’t lie to you… the olive oil in the pastry was not my choice to make this tart more fancy… I just ran out of […]

Stuffed pasta

Polish potato and ricotta stuffed pierogi

Today’s recipe is a traditional Polish recipe for ruskie pierogi stuffed with potato and ricotta cheese. These tasty handmade dumplings can be filled in both sweet and savory way. This recipe is my favourite version made with mashed potatoes mixed with ricotta cheese. Traditionally the cheese that is used is a cottage cheese but unfortunatelly […]


Spinach and ricotta gnudi with brown butter sauce

Spinach and ricotta gnudi are traditional Italian ravioli without pasta shell (that’s why there are called “naked”) of the Tuscan tradition. These soft and tasty kind of gnocchi with spinach are made with the use of very few ingredients and they are very delicate and soft. Instructions: Spinach and ricotta gnudi with brown butter sauce […]

World of coffee

Super fluffy coffee and milk creamy dessert

Delicious and delicate coffee and milk creamy dessert with ricotta cheese. Soft, mildly sweet, creamy. Perfect with different kinds of choux pastry, brioche, crepes or just as a simple dessert. Instructions fluffy coffee and milk creamy dessert In a small pot stir milk with sugar and potato starch. Place over the heat and cook on […]

World of coffee

Ricotta and coffee creamy dessert

This ricotta and coffee dessert is an easy, quick and yummy idea that I have learned from my mother-in-law. The combination of coffee, dark chocolate and ricotta cheese creates a perfect union of sweet, creamy and slightly bitter dessert. Instructions ricotta and coffee creamy dessert Place ricotta cheese, honey (or maple syrup) and ground coffee […]

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