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buns and rolls

Mascarpone cheese breakfast rolls

These mascarpone cheese breakfast rolls are easy to prepare, soft on the inside, slightly crunchy on the outside and delicious. The addition of mascarpone in the dough gives a delicate aroma and aftertaste of milk. Furthermore these rolls are without butter or oil. The low amount of active dry yeast means that these rolls remain […]

buns and rolls

Soft wholemeal burger buns

Why buy a pre-packaged product when you can prepare soft and tasty wholemeal burger buns in your kitchen? These simple butter and milk buns are very fluffy and rich in flavor. Perfect to be cut in half and roasted in a pan, oven or toaster and then filled with classic meat burgers or delicious vegetarian […]

buns and rolls

Easy yogurt buns cooked in a frying pan

Easy and delicious yogurt buns made in a frying pan. Fragrant and flavorful with a light scent of plain yogurt. Perfect with stews also as a snack with a thin layer of jam. Move the baked bun on the plate and continue the process until you have finished all the dough. These buns are best […]

buns and rolls

Mini pumpkin scones

Mini pumpkin scones are small orange buns made with baking powder instead of yeast. These particular and delicious scones have pumpkin and lemon scent. They are not too sweet and have a light texture. lot of love. B. p.s. If you are looking for a classic recipe for sweet scones check my Strawberry scones. (foto […]

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