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Spicy broccoli and green olives pasta salad

This spicy broccoli and green olives pasta salad is simple yet super delicious. A combination of green olives, a slightly crunchy spiced broccoli, red onion and cellery. Rich and flavourful, unusual pasta salad. Instructions: Spicy broccoli and green olives pasta salad Divide the broccoli into florets and cut them in half. Mix 3 tablespoons of […]


Red cabbage and apple coleslaw

Red cabbage coleslaw is a cabbage salad of American origins. An easy and tasty vegetable side dish, perfect with grilled meat or fish. This version uses red cabbage together with grated apple and some honey to add some sweetness to this slaw. Instructions: Red cabbage and apple coleslaw Remove the outer leaves of the cabbage […]


Creamy red lentil curry with coconut milk

Amazing and creamy red lentil curry with turmeric and coconut milk. Dense and full of bold flavours. Enriched with spices such as fresh ginger, cumin and cardamom that blend perfectly with the delicate taste of red lentils. Instructions: Creamy red lentil curry For this recipe I used red lentils made by Bettini. Open the cardamom […]

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Caramelized onion and apple chutney

This caramelized onion apple chutney has a perfectly balanced flavour between sweet, savory and sour. A rich sweet and savory sauce that goes perfectly with meat, fish and cheese. Instructions: Caramelized onion apple chutney Heat the oil. Add sliced ​​onions and cook on low heat until they become caramelized and soft for about 15 to […]

dry pasta

Pasta with beans and mussels

Pasta with beans and mussels is a pure taste of sea and land. It is a classic recipe of Italian cuisine. This simple and tasty dish has been prepared by my sister in law during summer holidays. Not quite a light meal to be enjoyed in hot hours of August in Italy, but when you […]


Chana masala – chickpea vegetarian stew

The chana masala is an vegetarian chickpea stew of Indian origin. It is super healthy and flavourful. In this recipe the chickpeas and the tomato sauce are cooked together with a mixture of spices, fresh ginger and onion. This spicy stew goes perfectly with some white rice or naan bread. You can find a great […]


Baked Ratatouille with bell pepper sauce

Today’s recipe is a healthy and tasty vegetable dish – baked ratatouille with bell pepper sauce. These summer vegetables are baked on a bed of tomato and bell pepper sauce and can be used as a side dish or a vegetarian main course served with a garlic and olive oil bruschetta. Instructions: Baked Ratatouille with […]


Creamy and comforting potato, broccoli and cheese soup

A thick and comforting potato, broccoli and cheese soup that will warm you up during the cold winter days. The addition of the bechamel sauce and the cheese makes this vegetable soup even more creamy. Instructions: Creamy and comforting potato, broccoli and cheese soup In a large pot heat the oil. Add chopped carrot and […]


Roasted tomato salsa

This roasted tomato salsa is spicy, smoky, fresh and tasty. This sauce is perfect with fries, sandwiches, and crunchy snacks. A healthy homemade version of a tex-mex store bought salsa. Instructions: Roasted tomato salsa Rinse the tomatoes. Cut them in half and remove the seeds using a teaspoon. Place the tomatoes (skin up), garlic and […]

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