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No-bake citrus cake

This no-bake citrus cake made with with butter cookies and citrus marmalade simply melts in your mouth. It is so soft that I would call it more a dessert rather than a cake. It is composed of two types of cream and delicious orange, lemon and tangerine marmalade. The first layer is a simple mascarpone […]


No-bake vanilla and coconut cake

This no-bake vanilla cake is easy and quick to prepare. The friable cookies become soft and melt-in-your-mouth thanks to the cream made of milk, vanilla and butter. A layer of cherry or raspberry marmalade gives it a sour twist. This no-bake cake is cover with toasted shredded coconut and have some raspeberries for a fresh […]


Soft, no-bake, cookie chocolate cake

Quick and easy, no-bake, cookie chocolate cake. This cookie cake becomes super soft and delicious thanks to the butter chocolate cream and marmalade that adds a sour note, while dark chocolate chips add some extra crunchiness. Yummy! Once you are ready, cut it with a sharp knife and serve. lot of love. B. p.s. If […]

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