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Red bean and lentil baked meatballs

These baked vegan red bean and lentil meatballs are our favorite meatless meatballs. Soft, super fragrant and flavourful thanks to the addition of mixed spices such as rosemary, oregano, paprika and fennel seeds. The mix of mushrooms and lentils as always is very successful and the addition of soy sauce and tomato paste adds depth […]


Baked mushroom and lentil paté

This oven-baked mushroom and lentil paté is easy, fast, healthy and soooo good. It is a valid alternative for a classic baked paté for those who do not eat meat for health reasons or for personal food choices. This paté is dense, soft and rich in bold flavors such as champignon mushrooms, lentils and various […]

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Easy and quick vegetarian lasagna

This vegetarian lasagna is easy and quick to prepare. The classic meat sauce is replaced by the red sauce with lentils. All accompanied by homemade bachamel sauce and melted cheese. Instructions: Easy and quick vegetarian lasagna For this recipe I used Pomì L + passata – tomato passata with 50% more lycopene. It turned out […]


Turkish red lentil soup

This red lentil soup is inspired by a traditional Turkish recipe – Mercimek Çorbas. Dense, creamy, delicious and fragrant. Easy, creamy, and healthy soup that will warm up your soul and body in any cool autumn days. This legume soup is full of bold flavours thanks to the spices like mint, cumin and paprika. Instructions: […]


Creamy red lentil curry with coconut milk

Amazing and creamy red lentil curry with turmeric and coconut milk. Dense and full of bold flavours. Enriched with spices such as fresh ginger, cumin and cardamom that blend perfectly with the delicate taste of red lentils. Instructions: Creamy red lentil curry For this recipe I used red lentils made by Bettini. Open the cardamom […]


Pumpkin and lentil stew

This lentil and pumpkin stew is rich, tasty and very fragrant thanks to the addition of smoked paprika and bay leaf. It goes perfectly with garlic and olive oil bruschetta. Instructions: Pumpkin and lentil stew For this recipe I used lentils “Monti Sibillini” from Bettini. During cooking these lentils have maintained their shape and they […]


Curry with lentils and coconut milk

This Indian style curry uses spices like turmeric and ginger, to name a few, to create perfect combination with lentils and coconut milk. This full of bold flavours vegan dish is perfect served with rice or Indian bread. A delicious recipe for naan can be found here. Instructions: Curry with lentils and coconut milk In […]


Spiced Maroccan stew with chickpeas and lentils

Spiced Maroccan stew with chickpeas and lentils is an union of mixed legumes cooked together with tomato sauce and spices such as cinnamon, ginger and paprika make this dish unique and delicious. Instructions: Spiced Maroccan stew with chickpeas and lentils In a saucepan heat the oil add the sliced garlic and cook it for a […]


Warm lentil salad with roasted vegetables and pomegranate

This delicious warm lentil salad is nutritious, healthy and full of flavor. It is garnished with pomegranate seeds that add a crunchiness and freshness into the dish. The sweet and sour sauce made with roasted garlic, honey and mustard adds a creamy and sweet note. Instructions: Warm lentil salad with roasted vegetables Preheat the oven […]


Red lentil and mushroom pate

To those who love umami flavour this red lentil and champignon mushroom pate is a perfect dish. Try it with crispy bruschetta, a drizzle of olive oil and a pinch of salt followed by a glass of red wine. Super easy and quick vegan spread for a delicious appetizer or snack. The recipe has been […]

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