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Fluffy brioche buns filled with seasonal fruit

These fluffy brioche buns filled with seasonal fruit is one of my favorite recipes for a delicious sweet snack. These mini buns are soft, sweet and with a rich filling. Being made with the addition of butter and milk they are very delicate and fragrant. This time I have prepared them with a filling made […]


Soft brioche buns with ricotta and mascarpone filling

Soft brioche buns with ricotta and mascarpone filling are just perfect for sweet breakfast or for an afternoon snack. These sweet buns are absolutely delicious. Super fluffy and with a delicate orange aftertaste. The filling consists of a ricotta and mascarpone cheese, sugar and vanilla. This filling is sweet and velvety and with the distinct […]

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Homemade hamburger buns

Soft and flavourful homemade hamburger buns are surprisingly easy to prepare and they are perfect with classic, fish or veggie burgers. Instructions: Homemade hamburger buns Melt the butter (except 2 tablespoons) on low heat with honey. Pour into a bowl and add the room temperature milk. Add the dry yeast, stir and let it become […]

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Mini pumpkin scones

Mini pumpkin scones are small orange buns made with baking powder instead of yeast. These particular and delicious scones have pumpkin and lemon scent. They are not too sweet and have a light texture. Instructions: Mini pumpkin scones Sift the flour and baking powder into a bowl. Add the salt, sugar and cold butter cut […]

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Buns with black sesame seeds

These fun and delicious buns with a particular shape are very tasty and nice to look at. In my family we call them “shredded buns” because of their looks. The recipe is from italian cooking magazine Sale e Pepe. Instructions: Fun buns with black sesame seeds Mix water with dry yeast and sugar and set […]

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