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Homemade citrus marmalade

How to prepare homemade citrus marmalade? There’s nothing more simple. Follow this step-by-step recipe and in no time you can have in your pantry this delicious and luscious orange, grapefruit and lemon marmalade. Sweet, dense and fragrant. Instructions: Homemade citrus marmalade Peel the fruit. Remove all the white filamentous parts, cuticles, seeds. Save the pulp […]


Soft lemon and ginger cookies

I made these soft lemon and ginger cookies by mistake. I was making some scones and I put the wrong amount of liquids into the mixture. Unfortunately there was no flour left so i couldn’t fix my mistake. I hate throwing away food so I decided just to bake them as they were, and guess […]


Easy orange buttter cookies

Easy recipe for orange butter cookies with no eggs added. Very aromatic with a distinct orange scent. Perfect with a cup of hot tea during cold months. Instead if you are looking for a cookie that is on a softer side try my Soft lemon and ginger cookies. Instructions: Orange flavored cookies In a bowl […]

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