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Stuffed pasta

Polish pierogi with buckwheat and sauerkraut filling

Delicious pierogi (Polish stuffed dumplings) with buckwheat and sauerkraut. Full of flavor and crunchy thanks to the second cooking in the frying pan. Instructions: Polish pierogi with buckwheat and sauerkraut filling For this recipe I used buckwheat made by Bartolini. After cooking it has maintained its compact shape and has not become overcooked. Delicate but […]

Stuffed pasta

Polish potato and ricotta stuffed pierogi

Today’s recipe is a traditional Polish recipe for ruskie pierogi stuffed with potato and ricotta cheese. These tasty handmade dumplings can be filled in both sweet and savory way. This recipe is my favourite version made with mashed potatoes mixed with ricotta cheese. Traditionally the cheese that is used is a cottage cheese but unfortunatelly […]

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