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Soft brioche cake filled with seasonal fruit

This delicious brioche cake is soft, delicate, simple to prepare and perfect if you have some fruit to use. You can prepare it with fresh seasonal fruit or using fruit in syrup. The cake is a type of butter brioche with active dry yeast in the dough but without the use of eggs which makes […]


Soft and delicate chocolate duvet cake

This chocolate duvet cake is soft and delicate. It is a cake known by various names such as duvet cake, pillow cake or quilt cheesecake. Its flavor is a mix between an oven-baked cheesecake placed on a soft base similar to sponge cake. To prepare it you need a few ingredients which you surely have […]


Savory Christmas muffins with broccoli and cheese

Savory Christmas muffins with broccoli and cheese are a delicious appetizer to offer to your guests during the holidays. You can bake them both in classic paper liners using the muffin tin and in silicone moulds with Christmas shapes like these beautiful little trees. These muffins are soft thanks to the use of yogurt and […]


Giant cinnamon roll cake

Giant cinnamon roll cake is a very soft and fragrant cinnamon brioche with a sweet and sticky cream cheese frosting. Inspired by the famous Swedish and American cinnamon rolls, this soft brioche with an irresistible aroma and flavor is perfect for breakfast or a snack accompanied by a cup of latte. The maxi version comes […]


Cold chocolate chips cheesecake bars

These cold chocolate chips cheesecake bars are an easy, quick and no-bake chocolate chip dessert. It is full of chocolate pieces both in the creamy filling and in the crunchy cookie base. It is a cold cheesecake with the addition of small amount gelatin to keep its shape during hot summer days. Decorate it with […]


Super creamy, no-bake, Lotus Biscoff cheesecake

This cheesecake with the fabulous caramel and cinnamon Lotus Biscoff cookies is super creamy and it melts in your mouth. It’s a no-bake cold cheesecake without gelatin. It’s creamy and delicate. Its velvety texture goes perfectly with the sweet, unique and spicy aftertaste of the famous cookies. This recipe for lotus Biscoff cheesecake is one […]


Carrot sheet cake with cream cheese frosting

A simple but delicious carrot sheet cake with cream cheese frosting. Moist, soft, quick to prepare: just blend all the ingredients. Adding cinnamon or cardamom to the batter together with lemon zest makes it delicious and fragrant. The frosting is made with cream cheese that adds a sweet and slightly tart note that goes so […]


Gnocchi with Parmesan cheese sauce and baby spinach

Gnocchi with Parmesan cheese sauce and baby spinach are a creamy, tasty and very easy to prepare dish. These simple and delicious Italian dumplings are served with a velvety cream cheese, garlic and baby spinach sauce. It’s a perfect idea for a quick dinner or lunch during the week as they need to be prepared […]

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Quick smoked salmon and cream cheese appetizers

These quick canapés with cream cheese and smoked salmon are very simple and easy to prepare appetizers. They are made with Ritz crackers which add a slightly sweet note but you can use any type of crackers you like. The spreadable cream cheese is garnished with chopped parsley and the green part of the spring […]

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