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Coffee and dark chocolate cheesecake

Creamy, intense and rich no-bake cheesecake with a distinct flavour of coffee and dark chocolate. Simple in preparation and very fragrant. For true coffee lovers. Instructions: Coffee and dark chocolate cheesecake Place Oreo cookies in a blender and blend everything until you have a fine texture. Melt 60 g of dark chocolate over water bath […]


Moist, soft and creamy decadent chocolate cake

Simple and amazing, easy and delicious, intense and fragrant, decadent chocolate cake. With delicious chocolate cream cheese frosting and moist hot water cocoa cake it is sweet at the right point and will satisfy many chocolate lovers. Instructions: Moist, soft and creamy decadent chocolate cake For this recipe I used cream cheese made by Arla […]

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Coffee and almond biscotti

These coffee and almond biscotti are crunchy and fragrant. They have a light aftertaste of coffee that goes perfectly with the almond flavour. Two types of sugar make them particularly delicious. No-fat, easy to prepare and super inviting Italian biscotti. Yum! Instructions: Coffee and almond biscotti Whisk two types of sugar and the egg. Add […]

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White chocolate mochaccino

Fabulous homemade white chocolate mochaccino. Sweet at the right point and garnished with a nice serving of whipped cream. This recipe was born thanks to the collaboration with a passionate coffee blogger, from Daily Cupo blog and her recipe for Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha. Instructions: White chocolate mochaccino Whip the cream until it becomes fluffy. […]

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Super fluffy coffee and milk creamy dessert

Delicious and delicate coffee and milk creamy dessert with ricotta cheese. Soft, mildly sweet, creamy. Perfect with different kinds of choux pastry, brioche, crepes or just as a simple dessert. Instructions fluffy coffee and milk creamy dessert In a small pot stir milk with sugar and potato starch. Place over the heat and cook on […]

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The simplest recipe for ice coffee

When it’s hot outside serve your friends or family this super easy to prepare ice coffee. This recipe is: easy adaptable to all kind of preferences it could be also vegan or lactose free Instructions ice coffee Prepare a moka full of espresso coffee, a cup of instant coffee, a cup of french press coffee […]

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Ricotta and coffee creamy dessert

This ricotta and coffee dessert is an easy, quick and yummy idea that I have learned from my mother-in-law. The combination of coffee, dark chocolate and ricotta cheese creates a perfect union of sweet, creamy and slightly bitter dessert. Instructions ricotta and coffee creamy dessert Place ricotta cheese, honey (or maple syrup) and ground coffee […]