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savory crepes

Beer and buckwheat flour crepes

Simple yet fantastic savory crepes with buckwheat flour and beer. An union of particular flavors between the delicate bitter taste of beer and the nutty aftertaste of buckwheat flour. Perfect with savory fillings such as creamy goat cheese or grilled vegetables. Instructions: Beer and buckwheat flour crepes For this recipe I used Italian lager beer […]


Focaccia with buckwheat flour and Greek yogurt

Simple Italian focaccia with intense flavor thanks to the addition of buckwheat flour and Greek yogurt. Healthy and soft homemade bread. Instructions: Focaccia with buckwheat flour and Greek yogurt In a bowl mix two flours with sugar and active dry yeast. Add Greek yogurt (at room temperature) and mashed potato (previously peeled and cooked until […]


Gluten free buckwheat chocolate cookies

Delicious gluten free chocolate cookies with buckwheat flour. Dark and luscious, chewy and full of dark chocolate chips. Perfect for breakfast with a glass of milk. Instructions: Gluten free buckwheat chocolate cookies Beat butter with sugar until combined. Add a pinch of salt and vanilla extract and beat again. Add the egg and mix again. […]

finger food

Buckwheat, almonds and rosemary homemade crackers

These homemade buckwheat crackers are a healthy and delicious finger food. With delicate nutty and rosemary aftertaste. In addition, these crackers are gluten free, lactose free and even vegan. Original recipe here. They are not super crunchy but they are perfect to be eaten as a snack or a healthy appetizer. They are really simple […]

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