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Red bean and lentil baked meatballs

These baked vegan red bean and lentil meatballs are our favorite meatless meatballs. Soft, super fragrant and flavourful thanks to the addition of mixed spices such as rosemary, oregano, paprika and fennel seeds. The mix of mushrooms and lentils as always is very successful and the addition of soy sauce and tomato paste adds depth […]


Black-eyed pea, chickpea and Grana stew

A black-eyed pea and chickpea stew with seasonal vegetables and delicate Grana Padano cheese flavor is an unique, rich and nutritious dish. A super healthy and tasty vegetarian main dish. lot of love. B. p.s. If you are looking for aanother amazing recipe with chickpeas check my Extra creamy avocado and chickpea hummus (photo below).


Potato and white bean salad with garlic dressing

This simple potato and white bean salad is garnished with a mixture of parsley, vinegar, garlic and oregano. Easy, quick and flavourful side dish. Instructions: Potato and white bean salad with garlic dressing Boil the potatoes in salty water until they are tender. Drain and put aside until they cool down completely. Mix vinegar with […]

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Pasta with beans and mussels

Pasta with beans and mussels is a pure taste of sea and land. It is a classic recipe of Italian cuisine. This simple and tasty dish has been prepared by my sister in law during summer holidays. Not quite a light meal to be enjoyed in hot hours of August in Italy, but when you […]


One pot quinoa and beans stew

One pot quinoa and beans stew is a really quick and easy recipe. Perfect for those days when we did not have the time to soak dried beans for all night. No less tasty, this stew uses the products that propably we all already have in our pantry. The only uncommon element is quinoa but […]

Potato Cakes

Baked mashed potatoes with white bean puree

Baked mashed potatoes with white bean puree is a vegetarian recipe full of vegetable proteins and made with a few simple ingredients. Quick and easy meal. Perfect with grilled vegetables or a mixed salad. Instructions: Baked mashed potatoes with white bean puree Clean and peel the potatoes. Cook them in lightly salted boiling water until […]


Spiced mixed beans soup

The simplest, the yummiest spiced mixed beans soup. Intense, slightly smoky, spicy, sour at the right point thanks to the addition of tomatoes*, lemon zest and balsamic vinegar. Perfect for cold days. Instructions: Spiced mixed beans soup For this recipe I used canned diced tomatoes made by Pomi. Fragrant and intense. They are perfect for […]


White bean hummus

White bean hummus is an alternative to a classic chickpea hummus. It is slightly more delicate and creamy and is no less delicious than the traditional one. Rich in vegetable protein and healthy. Perfect with bruschetta, pita bread or crackers. On Foodohfood you can find an excellent recipe for homemade cheese crackers. lot of love. […]

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