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Lemon white sauce for fish and vegetables

The lemon white sauce (bechamel) is a creamy and flavorful sauce that is velvety and fragrant sauce perfect with fish dishes, vegetables or baked pasta. It is a variant of the classic bechamel with a pronounced lemon aftertaste and odour. It is a delicate sauce, not at all acidic but citrusy and aromatic. There are […]


Creamy mushroom sauce

This very creamy champignon mushroom sauce is super simple, very flavorful and can be made all year round. It is a sauce with cream that makes it rich and velvety. It is perfect as an addition to baked vegetables, mashed potatoes, pasta or cereals such as buckwheat. For those who love meat I recommend it […]


Fresh basil and mint salad dressing

If you are tired of plain olive oil and vinegar in your salad this basil and mint dressing is perfect for you. It is a thick and creamy sauce with a few ingredients that perfectly match each other. A tasty mix of many basil and mint leaves, lemon zest, good quality extra virgin olive oil, […]


Yogurt and mint falafel sauce

This yogurt and mint falafel sauce is one of those recipes that you can prepare in just a few minutes. This simple sauce is created with very few ingredients. It is fresh and light thanks to the use of yogurt and fresh mint. This dipping sauce is also tasty and intense thanks to fresh garlic […]


Homemade red wine barbecue sauce

Dense, rich, creamy homemade barbecue sauce. Its intense flavor is due to the addition of smoked paprika, red wine, honey and canned diced tomatoes. lot of love. B. p.s. If you love easy homemade sauces you should also try my Cherry tomato ketchup. Recipe notes This recipe comes from the collaboration with Pomì – a […]


Cherry tomato ketchup

You won’t guess how easy it is to make homemade cherry tomato ketchup. This recipe uses sweet and delicious cherry tomatoes, that I love, so it is my favorite version of this classic and famous tomato sauce. The spices that I use create a very tasty, sweet and fragrant ketchup but I invite you to […]

Stuffed pasta

Spinach and ricotta cannelloni pasta

The spinach and ricotta cannelloni are a classic traditional Italian stuffed pasta dish. Filled with delicate and tasty union of ricotta and spinach and baked in the oven, along with a generous layer of béchamel sauce, this recipe is a perfect meal for family dinners. You can find a great recipe for homemade Classic bechamel […]


Homemade honey mustard

Have you ever tried to prepare homemade honey mustard? You can assemble this delicious, sweet and sour sauce at your home in just a few minutes. It goes well with raw vegetables, cheese, crackers and breadsticks, but also with smoked salmon or other type of fish. lot of love. B. p.s. If you love classic […]


Aioli – garlic mayonaisse

Do not be fooled by the peculiar name – aioli is nothing more than a very tasty garlic mayonnaise. Easy, quick, delicious and creamy sauce that adds an extra flavor to potato chips, Italian calzone or snacks. Store in the fridge. lot of love. B. p.s. If you are looking for another recipe with bold […]

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