Chocolate dolcetti with panna cotta

Absolutely delicious chocolate dolcetti (Italian word for a treat/dessert) covered with a thin layer of dark chocolate with hazelnuts. The topping is soft and velvety milk chocolate panna cotta. Perfect union between the slightly bitter taste of dark chocolate and the sweetness of panna cotta.

Instructions milk chocolate panna cotta

For this recipe I used the silicone mould Kit Pop Eclair made by Silikomart. If you don’t have those kind of mould you can prepare them as a cupcakes and then decorate them with your panna cotta. If you are making cupcakes double the panna cotta ingredients and use a small dome cup as a mould. Just use a hot water on the cup to release the panna cotta and garnish your cupcake.

Prepare panna cotta the previous evening. Soak the gelatin sheet in cold water for 10 minutes. In Italy the gelatin sheet is 2 g and it is pretty strong gelatin. If you use powder gelatin that is not very strong you can double it. Count that 1 teaspoon is about 5 gramms so use less that half of a teaspoon.

Meanwhile, in a saucepan, mix milk with whipping cream. Turn on the flame and heat almost to the boiling point. Add chopped chocolate and stir until the chocolate is completely melted. Turn off the heat, add squeezed gelatin and stir.

Divide panna cotta between the silicone mould. Let it cool down and put it in the fridge until your chocolate panna cotta thickens. Then place it in the frizzer until it solidifies completely.

Instructions chocolate dolcetti

Beat the eggs with sugar for 5 minutes until they become clear and frothy. Add sifted flour, cocoa powder, baking powder and ground coffee and stir in gently to incorporate.

Finally add milk and melted butter and stir in again.

Divide the mixture between prepared moulds. Bake in a preheated static oven at 180 °C for about 20 minutes.

Remove from the oven, let them cool down and then remove from the mould. Cut away the bulge in the center to make them even.

Meanwhile, chop dark chocolate with the hazelnuts and melt over a water bath or in a microwave together with a teaspoon of coconut oil. Pour your hot chocolate into a small bowl similar to the size of the dolcetti. Dip each one on the uncut side and place it on a plate. Proceed in the same way with the rest of your chocolate dolcetti and then place them in the refrigerator to let the dark chocolate become hard.

Gently take the panna cotta from the mould and place it on top of each prepared dessert. Return to room temperature and serve.

If you like small tasty treats you might like the recipe for Honey seed bars with gianduia chocolate.

lot of love. B.

Recipe notes

This recipe is made thanks to the collaboration with Silikomart – a company specializing in the production of silicone moulds and pastry, kitchen and ice cream utensils.

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