Perfect banana bundt cake with tahini glaze

I know, it’s a bit risky for me to say that I found a perfect recipe for banana bundt cake but I guarantee you that this cake is absolutely amazing. This recipe was made, changed and tested at least three times on different relatives and friends to get this absolutely delicious result. I consulted various recipes of professional pastry chefs including Christophe Michalak to arrive at this recipe for banana bundt cake. Obviously it is perfect for me and for my friends and it doesn’t have to be perfect for you. Anyway it’s a delicious cake. Soft, fragrant, not too sweet, with a distinct banana aftertaste. It is also covered with a delicious white chocolate and tahini glaze which completes the cake flavor. Absolutely a must try.

Instructions perfect banana bundt cake

For this recipe I used a silicone mould made by Silikomart. The volume of this mould is 1650 ml.

Beat the eggs and egg yolks with the two types of sugar for 5 minutes. The eggs must become light, foamy and must double the volume.

Mash the bananas with fork, add whipping cream and stir. Pour the mixture gradually over the eggs, stirring gently with the whisk. Now add melted butter and stir in the same way.

At this point add sifted flour and baking powder and gently incorporate them with movements from the bottom to the top of the bowl.

Brush your mould with some melted butter and sprinkle it with flour. Pour the mixture into the mould and gently tap it on the table to eliminate air bubbles.

Bake in a preheated static oven at 160 °C for 45 minutes. Check your bundt cake with the toothpick.

Remove from the oven, wait a few minutes and gently remove from the mould. Let it cool down completely before glazing.

Instructions white chocolate tahini glaze

Chop your white chocolate and melt it over water bath then add the tahini and stir until it is completely incorporated.

Glaze your bund cake with the tahini glaze while it is still warm. Add some chopped almonds and black sesame seeds for the decoration. Wait for the glaze to become firm and serve.

p.s. If you love tahini in your cakes and desserts you should also try my: Mini tahini cakes with sesame seed brittle.

lot of love. B.

Recipe notes

This recipe is made thanks to the collaboration with Silikomart – a company specializing in the production of silicone moulds and pastry, kitchen and ice cream utensils.

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