Chickpea miso hummus

I am a great fan of Japanese miso and chickpea hummus. Combining these two flavors together I discovered one of my favorite hummus variations. Creamy, fragrant, with a slight nutty aftertaste thanks to the union between tahini, miso and olive oil. This version of hummus is without garlic but with lemon juice to give that extra hint of acidity.

Instructions: Chickpea miso hummus

For this recipe I used dried chickpeas produced by Bartolini. I also used olive oil D.O.P. from Umbria with a fruity, intense and slightly spicy flavor, perfect for this recipe.

Soak dried chickpeas for at least 6 hours in cold water. Drain and cook in plenty of salted water until they become tender (about 40 minutes for my chickpeas). Drain and allow to cool down completely.

Combine chickpeas, tahini, miso, oil, a pinch of pepper and lemon juice and a little water (to start, I recommend about 120 ml) in a blender jug. Blend everything until smooth adding more water if necessary. Taste and adjust with salt (miso is quite salty).

Transfer to a bowl, pour over a few teaspoons of olive oil and garnish to taste.

I garnished my hummus with chilli flakes, sesame seeds and chives. Hummus becomes better after a few hours when the flavors are able to blend. Serve with crackers, raw vegetables, naan Indian bread, wraps or tortillas.

lot of love. B.

p.s. If you are looking for another easy recipe with miso check my Miso soup with wholemeal spelt pasta, (foto below)

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Recipe notes

This recipe was born thanks to the collaboration with Bartolini – an Italian company that produces high quality food products: extra virgin olive oil, pasta, legumes and cereals, polenta and flour.

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