Creamed honey – how to use crystallized honey

Today I would like to show you a recipe that was a great discovery – creamed honey (also called whipped honey). Light, frothy, with all the benefits and taste of honey. The process of crystallization of honey is completely natural and does not alter its flavor. But what to do with the solidified honey? How to make it liquid again? This cream is the solution. Spread it on a slice of bread with a pinch of cinnamon or a dash of lemon zest for super yummy breakfast.

Instructions creamed honey (whipped honey)

In a bowl place (in equal proportions) crystallized honey and liquid honey. Using an electric mixer, beat the honey until it becomes very light and frothy (a few minutes). Pour into a jar and store at room temperature.

Lot of love. B.

p.s. If you are looking for a delicious recipe where you can use your honey try my Super soft butter rolls.

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