Mega vegetarian sandwich

These mega vegetarian sandwich are rich in vegetables, cheese and boiled eggs. The veggies are enriched with sauces and quickly marinated so that they are super fragrant, crunchy and fresh. This sandwiches can also be prepared in advance and eaten as a quick, healthy and super tasty lunch. Who said vegetarian sandwiches are boring?

Instructions for mega vegetarian sandwich

Grate carrot on a grater with large holes, cut into julienne strips or use a spiralizer. Sprinkle with apple vinegar, salt, oil and sugar and mix thoroughly. Set aside for 10 minutes.

Chop the cabbage. Add lemon juice, mayonnaise, ketchup and stir. Put aside.

Place a sheet of plastic wrap on a flat surface. Place over a slice of toast bread without crust. You can also use a fairly large slice of regular bread but remove the crust to make it softer.

Put a leaf of radicchio on it. If you don’t like the slightly bitter taste of radicchio, use lettuce.

Add half of the prepared cabbage …

Few slices of cheese…

Few slices of tomato…

Baby spinach…

Half of the hard-boiled egg cut into round slices.

Squeeze in your palms previously prepared carrots to eliminate excessive liquid. Add half a portion to your vegetarian sandwich.

Close with a leaf of radicchio or lettuce.

You will have a rather high sandwich.

At this point, add a slice of sandwich bread and press lightly to close it. Use the plastic wrap to tightly close your sandwich into a package. Continue in the same way with the second one.

The sandwich will taste even better after half an hour of waiting when all the flavors are blend together but you can serve it immediately. Take a sharp knife and cut your sandwich exactly in half through the transparent film. Do not remove the wrap so that it will serve to keep your mega vegetarian sandwich together. Enjoy your meal.

lot of love. B.

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